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Labo Pebble Art app review: looking at rocks in a new light 2021



How many times have you and your young child been out for a walk, at the park, or even out in the yard and come across pebbles, rocks, and stones and your child has become fascinated with them?

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The Labo Pebble Art app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides some wonderful craft ideas and games that kids can engage in using the idea of rocks, pebbles, and stones.

This rock pebble art app has been created for kids ages three through six and really opens up their imagination to what everyday items they come across can be transformed into. Let's dive deeper into this rock pebble app through our pebble app review to see all that it offers. 

Labo Pebble Art - 22 stone art crafts & games for kids 3+


Collect and Use Rocks

Rocks, stones, and pebbles come in all different shapes and sizes and with that said it’s pretty cool to think about all the different things you may be able to create with them. The Labo Pebble Art gives you and your child a way to manipulate and create with these rocks in a virtual way.

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You will be able to use them to make fun crafts and even games with them. There are 22 different crafts that they can learn to do in addition to 12 games. It’s a wonderful way to encourage kids to look at nature and use their creative side to think about what they can do with items they come across.

The app is a brand new release so it doesn't yet have a customer rating or updates. The app does however have a number of customer comments all of which are very positive. Parents have mentioned how much fun it is for the kids, the fact the crafts are easy for them to do, and it's a great way to pass time.

Collect and Use Rocks image

The User Experience

As soon as you launch the Labo Pebble Art app it’s obvious this one has been made with kids in mind. The user interface is lovely, cute, and whimsical, exactly what appeals to kids. Even the music is uplifting and fun.

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You can scroll through the gallery of crafts and tap on the one you’d like to work on. From here you are shown an illustration of what the finished product will look like then it is taken apart so you can start to work on it.

What’s really fun is after you put the craft together using the rock shapes you can then use the virtual paints to make something really unique.

There are also 12 games they can play such as feeding birds, matching insects, a memory game, a music rhythm game, and more.

The User Experience image

Labo Pebble Art - 22 stone art crafts & games for kids 3+


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is whimsical, cute, and fun
  • There are crafts and games to enjoy
  • Once you make your virtual craft you can then paint it however you like
  • Crafts can be saved in a project gallery


  • It would be great to see more content added so there is even more to keep kids busy

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Labo Pebble Art app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and can keep kids busy in really fun and cute ways. This app is a joy to use and is cute and fun in every way possible.

Labo Pebble Art - 22 stone art crafts & games for kids 3+

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