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Maximum Overdrive app review: it's time to have fun with monster trucks



How would you like to drive your own monster truck and cause havoc everywhere you go. The Maximum Overdrive app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone lets you drive your own monster truck complete with some rather massive guns on them. It's these weapons on your truck which will cause all the havoc, damage, and fun in the game. There is tons to point out in this high-energy game such as the fact there are daily challenges, a multi-player mode, and so many unlockables.

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Maximum Overdrive


Gear Up for Mayhem

It's time to cause destruction, mayhem, and havoc in the Maximum Overdrive app. There are 15 different trucks that you can drive and a ton of different weapons to control. Some of the weapons that you'll be able to use include rocket launchers, cannons, and machine guns. So what's going on in the game besides destruction, well it takes pace a post apocalyptic world where you are fighting to take control. Players will love the 3D graphics that really draw you in and bring the game to life in a big way.

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This game is for players ages 12 and over due to the violence. It's free to download and play but there are a coupe of in-app purchases both priced at $0.99. The app has four out of five stars from users but the actual comments are a bit mixed. The game has just gone through a number of updates including improvements, fixes, faster load times, more features and options, and performance enhancements.

Drive through this post-apocalyptic world
Drive through this post-apocalyptic world

No Shortage of Challenges

As the app's name suggests the Maximum Overdrive game is big on action, adventure, and challenges. The app supports the Game Center and achievements, there are tons of unlockables throughout the game, and there are daily challenges that you can take part in. Choose whether you want to pay in single-player or multi-player mode. You'll be able to pick up on the rules of the game really quickly and keep in mind the more destruction you cause the better. There are even customizable features that you can adjust so that the game takes on a personalized feel.

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This game just has a really fun vibe to it and the graphics are unique and fresh, it adds even more interest to the game. Navigating through the app has also been made very simple so that you can start playing the moment you launch it.

Choose your game mode
Choose your game mode

Maximum Overdrive


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers up fun and unique graphics
  • Choose between two different game modes
  • There are customization features
  • Drive 15 different trucks
  • Make use of a variety of weapons
  • There are daily challenges to take part in


  • There is nothing negative to say

Choose your truck
Choose your truck

Final Thoughts

The Maximum Overdrive app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone lets you cause all kinds of destruction and havoc in this adventure-packed game. The controls are user-friendly, you have customization options, and even a couple of game modes.


Maximum Overdrive

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