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Mortgage Calculator Pro app review: a quick calculation tool 2021



Are you shopping for a new home? Perhaps you work in the real estate business or you're a broker; in any case, then this next iPhone mortgage app can come in very handy.

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The Mortgage Calculator Pro is a top iPhone mortgage app also for your iPod touch and iPad. It gives you the ability to quickly calculate the monthly payment on a mortgage. It's not just your mortgage though as you can also calculate credit card, card payments, and loan payments in a quick and simple way.

For details about the features and functions of this mortgage app, keep reading our Mortgage Calculator Pro app review below.

Mortgage Calculator Pro


Get Accurate Calculations

The Mortgage Calculator Pro app makes it possible to get quick and accurate payment calculations while on the go. Even though the app has been designed to calculate your mortgage payments you can also use it for other payment calculations such as a loan, a credit card, a car payment, and any other payment.

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The app is meant to be used with fixed rate loans and you have the ability to adjust the property tax, insurance, and any monthly fees.

After you perform your calculations you can save them in your favorites list and then organize them. The app also automatically opens up the last calculation performed.

Get Accurate Calculations image

A User-Friendly Option

The Mortgage Calculator Pro app is a very simple looking tool but that's part of its allure. You aren't given all kinds of tools and features instead things have been kept simple and quick.

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You'll notice the app features very large numbers on the keypad so you won't have any problems at all with your calculations. All calculations are performed instantly; all you have to do is fill in the required fields.

You can get really specific and add the length of the loan, the down payment, the interest rate, and the annual tax calculation. Information is backed up to your computer so you know it's kept safe and secure.

Additionally there is an amortization table that makes it possible to view the payment schedule for the entire duration of the loan and give you a look at the principal remaining over the span of time. All of your calculations and the amortization schedule can be shared by email.

A User-Friendly Option image

Mortgage Calculator Pro


Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly and quick, it performs calculations immediately
  • The keypad is large and easy to read
  • Save your calculations
  • Share calculations by email
  • View an amortization schedule
  • Enter a variety of values


  • The app hasn't been updated in quite some time
  • The user interface isn't very engaging

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Mortgage Calculator Pro app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a user-friendly tool that makes it possible to perform calculations on the go. This one isn't loaded with features but at the same time it has the basics needed.

Mortgage Calculator Pro

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