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CareZone Meds app review: organize your medications-2020



Whether you take just one medication or many, being sure you take them on time, in the right dosage, and as directed is extremely important which is why the CareZone app for iPhone is a great tool for these needs. This CareZone meds app will help you stay on top of taking your meds each and every day. 

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Use this  pharmacy app to manage your medications/prescriptions, keep track of any instructions the doctor may have given you, and keep a list of any important information related to your health. The app takes the stress off of you from having to remember everything, and also wide array of care zone app utility tools greatly simplify process of organizing and sharing various information about health conditions.

Check out our CareZone app review to see why this app is a great choice.   



Taking Matters into Your Hands

With the CareZone Meds app you'll be able to take your medical matters into your own hands and stay on top of all your medications, doctors’ orders, and important health information. There is no more forgetting to take a prescription, no more wondering what it was the doctor told you to do, and what your proper dose of each medication was.

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The app is meant to help you manage not just your information but any loved one after they have been diagnosed, treated, or discharged. The app comes with a number of user-friendly features all meant to make managing and organizing your information a breeze.

The app requires iOS 12.1 or later to use and has just been updated with a number of small bug fixes. The app currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users. Users have called the app helpful and fairly user-friendly.

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Managing Your Medications

The main goal of the CareZone Meds app is to give users a simple way to manage their medications and this is done through the app's list feature. With this list you can keep track of your medications, the refill information on each, the dosage, and even the prescription itself. What’s really handy is that because the information is then stored in the app you’ll have it on-hand whenever you need it.

The app has a built-in calendar where you can make note of your refill dates and doctor appointments, there is a notes section, a place to store photos, a to-do list that you can add and delete items to, a journal, and you can share all this information in a secure way. The app can even import contacts such as your doctor, family members, your pharmacy, your insurance agent, and more. The reminder tool is another useful one so you can set it up for refill dates and appointments.

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Pros and Cons


  • You are given more than enough tools to manage your medications
  • Make use of the built-in calendar and reminder tool
  • Share content from the app
  • Import your contacts


  • Some users find the app less than user-friendly when it comes to setting it up

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The CareZone Meds app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers users the ideal way to keep track of all their medical information thanks to a variety of tools and features.


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