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Comalong app review: are you coming?



Comalong is a simple yet incredibly handy app for iPhone and iPad that you can use to very easily set up meetings with your friends, family, or even colleagues, with features enabling everyone to collaborate on when and where you’ll meet.

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This is a great idea for an app, and although I’ve seen quite a few similar developments centered on meet-up arrangements, this one definitely stands apart from the competition in terms of ease of use and overall practicality.



Simple Socializing

With this nifty app on your iOS device you’ll have everything you need in order to set up meetings and social gatherings with ease, suitable for all manner of occasions including family events and professional business meetings.

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With this app you’ll be able to use your device’s integrated GPS to view nearby meetings on a map, so if you plan on attending a lot of events then this will make it easier for you to navigate in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Set up meetings
Set up meetings

Vote on Venues and Times

Comalong makes it incredibly easy to establish meetings with groups and collaborate with the in-app chat facility. This means that you can all vote on where to meet and even what you want to achieve with each meeting.

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I’m very impressed with the execution of this app because a lot of meet-up organization apps fall short of the mark; be sure to check this one out if you plan on arranging a lot of meetings with your friends or colleagues.

Meetup details
Meetup details



Pros & Cons


  • Set up meetings and social gatherings with ease
  • Perfect for casual and professional meet-ups alike
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to view nearby meetings on a map
  • Establish meetings with groups and collaborate with the in-app chat facility
  • Communicate to vote on venues, times, and so on


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

View meetups on a map
View meetups on a map

Final Words

Comalong looks great and is wonderfully intuitive and easy to use, making it the ideal iPhone and iPad app for setting up gatherings on a regular basis.



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