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Classify It! app review: a wonderful learning resource for anyone needing to learn to group critters



Classify It! is an iPhone and iPad app that helps children learn to classify animals, insects, and more. They are asked a straightforward question, must select the critters to match that question, and then score points based on their success.

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Classify It!


Create a Profile and Get Learning!

Classify It! is an easy game to play in that it is easy to get started. It is not that it’s easy to complete, as there are three difficulty settings, and multiple levels to pass. The first level tricked me in that it asked me to select animals that are able to move on their own. I selected animals, not insects, but the game wanted a more broad answer and wanted me to include insects as well.

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This was a bit problematic for me as insects are not animals. As the game progressed though, the questions became more specific such as selecting mammals, or selecting green plants. This I can approve of, but I don’t want my children to be misled into believing that the critter is an animal if it is truly an insect.

Playing a level
Playing a level

Earn Critter Cards

Classify It! has a reward system based both on points, and on earning critter cards. Each level has more than 12 cards to collect, and then your child can look back at their achievement, but also learn about the critters they’ve collected. For example, when you ace level one in easy mode, you earn the American Cockroach.

Additionally, you can have more than one player in the game. If you have a class of students, or just more than one child to learn, then you can add additional players to the game. If you wish to delete a player, such as the player I called Tester, then you can easily do this too. Some apps make it virtually impossible to delete profiles, but they thought of this too!

Level complete
Level complete

Classify It!


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Great educational resource to learn how to classify various critters, plants, and so on
  • Three difficulty levels to master
  • Critter cards to collect when you master a level
  • Multiple profiles for multiple children


  • First few questions are a bit vague and could confuse children into classifying any living thing into the animal group

Collector's card
Collector's card

Final Thoughts

Classify It! is an iPhone and iPad app that helps kids learn how to classify animals, plants, and other critters. It is well developed with three difficulty levels to master, and twelve levels within to achieve. When you master each level you earn a critter card to collect and learn more details about specific critters such as the cockroach, polar bear, and many more. I really enjoyed testing this app, and look forward to utilizing it in my teaching in the future. It could easily be used from ages six to 10 depending on the learning abilities, topic of study, and difficulty level selected.



Classify It!

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