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PlayAlong Violin app review: learn a new skill



The New Year is upon us and for many people one of their resolutions is to learn a new skill and this may be just the way to accomplish that. The PlayAlong Violin can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and it allows you to perfect more than 250 different songs on your way to becoming well-versed in the ways of the violin. The way the app works is that it can actually listen to you play and then help you better your skills on that particular song. For more great violin apps, check out our list of the Best violin apps for iPhone and iPad

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PlayAlong Violin


A Virtual Instructor

Perhaps you'd like to learn how to play the violin or even just better your skills with it, but you don't necessarily want to sign up for rather costly lessons. The PlayAlong Violin app can give you a fun and educational place to start as you'll be able to learn more than 250 songs. The app will listen to you as you play the particular song and then it will help you get through the melody. If you use the Auto Mode the app is able to take you through each of the notes of the chosen song to ensure you hit the right note, duration, and pitch.

The best violin apps for iPhone and iPad-2021

The app is free to download and you are given a small handful of songs to learn. From there you can purchase additional songs for $0.99. The app has just been updated with better music notation and a new feature that helps you finger out the proper finger positioning. The app currently has four out of five stars from users who have stated it's very educational and engaging but improvements could still be made.

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The Learning Process

The PlayAlong Violin app attempts to make the learning process as smooth and user-friendly as possible. The app gives users the ability to customize the process by picking the settings that best work for their own individual skills. When you finish up with your song you'll be given a score that gives you an idea of how many notes you played correctly, which then gives you an idea of how far you've come as you use the app. The app even keeps these scores and stats stored in your history. If you'd like to show off a bit to your friends and family you can share your song recording by email. The app allows for different features depending how much help you need, which gives it a dynamic feel.

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The Learning Process image

PlayAlong Violin


Pros and Cons


  • The app can be customized to fit your skills
  • There are different degrees of help offered depending on how much of a “beginner” you are
  • Learn more than 250 songs
  • The app listens to you play to guide you and help you with the song
  • You are given a score at the end of the song to show how many notes you hit correctly


  • The songs can get quite expensive depending on how many you want to purchase

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Final Thoughts

The PlayAlong Violin app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great user-friendly way to start to learn or brush up on your violin scores.

PlayAlong Violin

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