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Puppy Coach 101 app review: helping you train your furry companion



So you've added a new member to your family who just so happens to be a fluffy ball of fur and love, but often of destruction too. The Puppy Coach 101 app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can help you take control of the situation and really get your puppy in shape. If you find your dog is getting out of hand with barking, whining, not listening, peeing indoors, chewing up items around the house, or any other unwanted behavior, then it's definitely time to change things.

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Puppy Coach 101


Love and Destruction

Getting a new dog is a really exciting event for all involved and while you’re all wrapped up in the initial joy and love you may quickly discover your house is also being destroyed by this cute four-legged creature. Don't worry: all dogs are highly trainable and the Puppy Coach 101 app attempts to provide users with the basics they need when it comes to training. The breed of the dog doesn't matter and the app is suitable for all types. With some work and dedication you can take that out-of-control puppy and change it into a member of the household that is loved, loving, and very well-behaved.

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The app hasn't been updated in four years now with its last update involving a bug fix. The app manages to score four out of five stars from users despite the fact it feels and looks very dated.

Love and Destruction image

A Simple Training Approach

Training your dog doesn't have to be scary or confusing and anyone is capable of doing it with the proper guidance and tools. The Puppy Coach 101 app certainly aims to be that helpful tool that gives you the ability to take control of your dog's negative behavior. You are given over 30 video clips that feature a professional dog trainer: Joanne Lekas. Through these clips there are nine topics that are covered including house training, crate training, teaching the dog its name, biting and nipping, and more.

After you go through each of the topics you'll be able to review it and check out the key points, and there is also a shorter video tip offered if you want to train on the spot while following along. Be sure to check off the topics as you completed them and there are color-coded icons which will clearly mark which videos you have watched. A cool little feature is that you can create your own puppy diploma when you finish the whole course.

A Simple Training Approach image

Puppy Coach 101


Pros and Cons


  • The app covers nine topics through 30 videos
  • You can view shorter versions of the videos to train on the spot
  • Mark sections off as you complete them
  • Print off a puppy diploma when your dog completes all its training


  • This app is in need of refreshing and updating

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Puppy Coach 101 app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can help you with all things training-related for your dog. It would just be nice if the app offered more tools and engaging content.

Puppy Coach 101

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