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Splash Math app review: enhance their math skills 2021



Once kids enter first grade they will start to work on math on a regular basis and, with that said, parents can help them out with the Splash Math app for iPad or the Splash Math for iPhone app. 

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The SplashMath iPhone app has been created specifically for kids in grades one through five as a way for them to work on their math skills at home in a fun way. The app will help them to understand a variety of basics that can then make their schoolwork a whole lot easier.

Even if your child seems to have a good grasp on the topic this app can only help to solidify the foundation they are building. 

Check out our splash math review to see why this app is a great tool for your children. Also, take a look at our best math apps for kids list for comparable options. 

SplashLearn: Math and Reading


Taking a Proactive Approach

Rather than leaving all the learning to their time in the classroom, parents seem increasingly involved in their children's activities and in taking a proactive approach to their learning.

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The Splash Math app has been created for kids that are in grades oOne through five and features all kinds of interactive math problems that can help them better understand a variety of concepts.

All of the math problems examined in the app follow the Common Core Standards so you know this is a valuable experience for them. It is able to adapt to the individual child and they will set their own pace so it isn't stressful.

The app is free to use but from there you can make a number of in-app purchases that open up additional features and content. These purchases range from $9.99 to $59.99. 

Another reason why this app is so great for parents and their children is due to the consistent updates from developers. Latest updates include more content for coloring, new games, and more opportunities to improve math and reading skills. 

Parents have described the app as great, helpful, and engaging. In its last update there were a number of performance enhancements made.

Taking a Proactive Approach image

The Learning Experience

The Splash Math app offers kids an engaging learning experience that is filled with fun graphics, challenging math problems, and plenty of rewards for a job well done.

As mentioned, they will be able to work at their own pace without any pressure, there is a scratch pad they can use for their rough work, and when they don't get the right answer there is an explanation so they understand where they went wrong and can learn from it.

The Educational process in splashmath for iphone has been designed in a form of narrative-driven games and books to keep learning fun, maintaining a delicate balance between learning and game-play, offering a library of 4000+ math and reading content, books, and stories to practice, master and explore.

Reading program of splash math app covers everything from phonics to sight words, reading comprehension, and books to enable children to read their first book within weeks.

The app can be synced across all of your devices, there are games to take part in, and there is a real-time dashboard that shows and monitors the child's progress. The user interface is kid-friendly and they will be able to work their way through the menus with ease.

The Learning Experience image

SplashLearn: Math and Reading


Pros and Cons


  • The app can be used by kids in Grade One through Five
  • There are a variety of problems and games to work through
  • The app is engaging and interactive
  • The menus and user interface are all kid-friendly
  • Kids can work at their own pace
  • The app adapts to each individual child


  • There is quite a bit of content that requires in-app purchases

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Splash Math app for your or iPhone or iPad might just be exactly what your child needs in order to really excel in the topic of math. It certainly is a more enjoyable way for them to learn. 

SplashLearn: Math and Reading

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