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MyPad+ app review: a social networking tool



If you have a soft spot for Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook then here's an app that will feed into your addiction in some rather cool ways. The MyPad+ app for your iPad is ideal for viewing your various profiles and giving users an easy to move through the pages. The app supports Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - all the big ones. If this is an app you're interested in now is the time to jump on it as it is being offered for 50 percent off for a limited time only.

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MyPad+ - for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


Social Networking in One Convenient Location

Instead of checking in with your various social networks you can make use of the MyPad+ app and view all your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles through scrollable and stackable pages. You can even have more than one profile for each social network. The user interface is interactive, modern, and user-friendly and can really speed up the process of social networking in general. One of the features that users will really appreciate in this app is the fact it can be protected with a passcode so all your information is kept safe and secure.

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After purchasing the app there are a number of in-app purchases available which are priced from $0.99 to $3.99 depending on what you'd like. With or without the purchases there are no ads. The app went through a major update about a year ago and thanks to that it now has four out of five stars from users. It seems this new version is smooth, fast, and incredibly effective.

Perform all kinds of activities in one spot
Perform all kinds of activities in one spot

Loaded with Features

The MyPad+ app is loaded with features such as the ability to share updates and links, upload a variety of photos all at once, navigation that uses swiping, and pull down to refresh. The app supports both portrait and landscape mode and it offers the chat feature even in offline mode. Add bookmarks with a simple tap, get push notifications, there is a cover photo slideshow, interactive video player, and it supports event and birthday calendars. The features actually keep going; it's just far too difficult to mention them all.

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The app is a bit much when you first start to get to know it, there are an awful lot of features to discover and learn. Once you get the hang of it though things will get much faster and smoother and you'll become a fan in no time.

Explore the many features of the app
Explore the many features of the app

MyPad+ - for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


Pros and Cons


  • The app is ideal for those who use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • The controls are user-friendly
  • The app is loaded with features
  • It is an ad-free experience even without making an in-app purchase
  • Its recent updates have made the app much smoother


  • The app takes some getting used to and there is a learning curve
  • The app had been suffering from bug and stability issues, which have been addressed

Free Music
Free Music

Final Words

The MyPad+ app for the iPad has been working hard to improve in order to give users everything they want to stay connected to their social networks.


MyPad+ - for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

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