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Amazon Rainforest Discovery Lite app review: learn about the wildlife in the Amazon



Amazon Rainforest Discovery Lite is an iPhone and iPad app that helps children discover the Amazon rainforest through interactive activities. Seek and find, language learning, and more can be done within this educational app.

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Amazon Rainforest Discovery Lite


Find the Fish

Amazon Rainforest Discovery Lite is an educational app that teaches your child different fish species in world one, and branches into big cats, lizards, snakes, and birds in subsequent worlds. This is a great app to help your child learn, because once you first find all the fish, you then move to educational cards. One example is that the card asks you to find the piranha again and drag it to the circle. It then becomes like a collector's card with facts about the piranha.

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The next level, you again match the fish to the shadows, but this time when you move the crocodile to the circle, you get a lesson in Spanish. The crocodile is big (grande). Then follows the comparison: The Angel fish is small (pequeῆo). You then learn the big:small comparison, and it’s an interactive way to learn which helps kids retain it that much better.

Main menu
Main menu

Unlock the Worlds

Amazon Rainforest Discovery Lite is the typical style of educational game, meaning that when you complete one level, the next one is unlocked for further learning. I like this style, because it means that your student must earn the level in order to progress. There's no jumping ahead, and no missing the practice that they need.

I also like that initially, you are looking for one of each species. Some hide in the vegetation, but lots are in plain view. I had to look for the crocodile a few times, but it’s not that tricky once you realize that the critters may be hiding too. My two-year-old found the crocodile first try, no problem, so it could be that my grown up eye was analyzing too much.

World 1 game play
World 1 game play

Amazon Rainforest Discovery Lite


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Unlock levels as you go to increase experience
  • Find the various critters to match their silhouettes
  • Create collector’s cards with information about the animals and fish
  • Learn Spanish, or conversely learn English if on Spanish mode


  • Sometimes the animals, fish, and other critters are hiding in the brush and difficult to find, but that makes the challenge that much more fun

Collectors card
Collectors card

Final Thoughts

Amazon Rainforest Discovery Lite is an iPad and iPhone educational app that helps kids learn about the various animals, fish, reptiles, and more that live in the Amazon rainforest. The levels unlock as your child progresses so that he or she cannot skip ahead, and as the levels unlock your child can discover more and more wildlife. The app has nice graphics, and overall, I would recommend it to any aspiring zoologist, veterinarian, biologist, or regular animal-loving child.


Amazon Rainforest Discovery Lite

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