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Tiny Beats app review: enjoy at-home monitoring



Learning you're pregnant is a very special and exciting time for couples and you often end up looking forward to those doctor's appointments where you'll get to hear your little one's heartbeat as the baby grows. The Tiny Beats app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as this listen to baby heartbeat app gives you the ability to listen to your baby's heartbeat at home and any time you want.

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What's even more exciting is that you don't need any additional equipment, just your mobile device to use this babys heartbeat app. Continue reading our tiny beats review to see if this is the best fetal doppler app for your needs.

Tiny Beats – baby heartbeat monitor


A Mobile Heartbeat Monitor

The Tiny Beats app works as a mobile heartbeat monitor allowing parents to hear their baby's heartbeat. While you won't be able to use this until halfway through your pregnancy (week 20 is the very earliest but most need to wait until week 30 before it works), it still can give you that at-home experience.

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As mentioned there is no need for outside equipment and there are no waves emitted so it is perfectly safe to use. It works much like a stethoscope would by recording, filtering, and amplifying the sound of the heartbeat. The app includes a tutorial so that it isn't confusing when you first start using it.

Keep in mind this app does require iOS 7.0 or later to use. It was updated a few months ago when improvement was made to the quality of the audio recording engine so that it would be easier for users to find the heartbeat.

This app seems to be getting a lot of mixed reactions; while its customer rating is just three out of five stars the customer comments are all extremely positive. It seems like the key to using this app is waiting long enough into the pregnancy that a heartbeat can actually be found by the app and some users may be trying too early.

A Mobile Heartbeat Monitor image

Additional Features

The Tiny Beats app is made to be relatively simple with an uncluttered user interface. After you record your baby's heartbeat the app will then calculate the Beats Per Minute automatically using the built in BPM calculator.

You can share this calculation with excited friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. In order to use the app you'll also need to turn your WiFi OFF and put your device in Airplane mode so that there is no interference from radio or cellular waves. As an added bonus the app also includes lots of pregnancy-related information regarding the baby's current position in the womb and development at that point.

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Tiny Beats – baby heartbeat monitor


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is beautiful and uncluttered
  • The app is relatively easy to use
  • The app is able to automatically calculate the baby’s Beats Per Minute when you record their heartbeat
  • There is additional information related to the baby’s growth, development, and position in the womb that users can read
  • There is no additional equipment required


  • It can be hard to find the baby’s heartbeat so it’s not always accurate

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Final Thoughts

The Tiny Beats app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad can be a bit tricky to work from time to time but when it does what a wonderful way to get to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and share it with friends and family.

Tiny Beats – baby heartbeat monitor

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