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Audubon Mushrooms app review: a comprehensive reference app



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Audubon Mushrooms - A Field Guide to North American Mushrooms is a thorough and comprehensive guide to the mushrooms and other fungi that can be found on the continent of North America.

This app is packed with listings of various common species of fungi, photographs along with each entry, information on taxonomy, and descriptions among other details, so you can get a thorough understanding of your specimen.

Furthermore, this app also has integration with the NatureShare community where you can share photos and view other shared photos of fungi from users across the continent.

Let's take a closer look at its features.

Audubon Mushrooms – A Field Guide to North American Mushrooms


Pricing and Content

Audubon Mushrooms - A Field Guide to North American Mushrooms makes a great addition to the Reference section of the App store, where it can be purchased for $4.99. This is a fair price for such a thorough guide, which comes with information on more than 570 common species of mushrooms and other fungi.

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Each entry has at least one high-quality color photograph where you can see details of the mushroom. Personally, I'd prefer that there was more than one photo for each entry, but this is often not the case in this app. However, it's worth noting that this app is already pretty hefty at 644 MB, and would likely take up a lot more space if there were more photos included. Since the information and pictures are also available when not connected to the internet, perhaps this is a good trade-off.

Pricing and Content image

Details & Search Functions

Aside from photos, this app also has descriptions of each species with information regarding the fungus' habitat, season, and range. You can also check out a detailed reference section of the entry where you'll find information on its classification along with diagrams, hunting tips, collection tips, and identification techniques.

In order to find a mushroom in the comprehensive listing, you can use the awesome search functions of this app, which let you search by first or last name, or the scientific name. You can also search by shape, order, and other variables including regions, habitats, colors, sizes, and characteristics of its various parts.

Details & Search Functions image

Audubon Mushrooms – A Field Guide to North American Mushrooms


Pros & Cons


  • High-quality color photos of each species
  • Detailed descriptions in text along with habitat, range, and season information
  • Self-contained app; perfect for field work where internet may not be available
  • NatureShare feature for tracking and annotating your findings
  • Comprehensive search functions allow searching by name, shape, order, and much more
  • Reference section for each entry containing diagrams, hunting and collecting tips, and identification techniques


  • Contains mostly a single photograph of each type of mushroom; more than one photograph would be helpful for identification purposes.

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Final Words

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional mycologist, Audubon Mushrooms - A Field Guide to North American Mushrooms is a great app to have handy on your iPhone or iPad as you go out on field trips so that you may identify the fungi you see along the way. Highly recommended!

Audubon Mushrooms – A Field Guide to North American Mushrooms

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