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Nearpod app review: a great platform for teaching students so they can learn at their own pace-2020



Nearpod app is an iPhone and iPad app that will make communicating in the classroom much easier. Teachers can communicate with students and manage content for presentations, collaborations, and real-time assessment tools in one solution. 

The best iPhone apps for teachers

With nearpod for iPhone you can control and manipulate what your students see and get feedback in real-time. It’s one of the best teacher apps designed to work with any classroom technology, from iPads and iPhones to Macs and Chromebooks, to bring student engagement into every classroom. Check out why this is one of the leading apps for teachers in our Nearpod review.



Learn as a Collective

Nearpod will help you to teach over a collective platform. When teachers can manage content on students’ iPads, iPhones, iPods, or Macs, it makes photocopying obsolete. You’ll no longer need to make a class copy as you can simply upload it to your Nearpod account. Students get pins to log in, and then you have a secure space to share files.

Best iphone and ipad apps

There is more storage space than many other free options at 3GB, and you can upload files that are larger too up to 40MB. I also found that many apps max out between 25 and 30 students. Nearpod allows for up to 50 students.

This means that you can track up to 50 kids’ progress, and add in additional features such as audio slides, twitter timelines, and add in website links too. The presentations will look fantastic, and be easily shared.

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With Nearpod, students can learn at their own pace. If they are ill and require frequent breaks, or if they have a short attention span, need to go back in the lesson to reinforce learning, or whatever they require, it can be done at their own pace. I often need to go back to hear the full thought properly, so this would be a great benefit for me.

The app has recently been updated to allow for instant formatting as well. Now, from your iPad, you can upload files to your Nearpod account and turn your PPTs, PDFs, pics, videos, and/or audio files into Nearpods. Creating content just got easier! From there, engage your students, and assess their learning all within this great app.

Nearpod app has over 7,000+ ready-to-run, customizable K-12 lessons for all grades and subjects to be used in schools.

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Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Assess students in app
  • Engage them with technological learning
  • No more class copies of photocopies
  • Easily create content
  • Students can read and learn at their own pace


  • Subscription required, and $12/month isn’t affordable for every teacher

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Nearpod is an iPhone and iPad app that helps teachers get students on the same page. It helps to cut back on paper waste, and also allows you to help students learn at their own pace. Unlike many apps, this one allows for up to 50 students.

If you need to share a presentation in multiple formats so that students who learn in different ways can learn, then you can do that. If you need to upload in two different languages, then go for it! Files up to 40MB can be uploaded at a time, and you get 3GB of space. This is a well-put-together app and it is promising.


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