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Curious app review: choose from thousands of lessons to learn what you are interested in



Curious is an iPhone and iPod app that helps you learn nearly anything you can think of. There are thousands of lessons, each taught by experts in from around the world.

Curious - the game of lifelong learning


Learn Almost Anything

Curious can help you to learn almost anything you want, anything you can think of! Topics include Arts and Crafts, Cooking, DIY, Home and Garden, Music, Software, Languages, Photography and Filmmaking, Academic, Health and Fitness, Sports, Life Skills, and more. With a range like that, the learning will be fun and almost limitless!

I opened up the How to Bead a Necklace tutorial to get a feel for it, and found an About description field, and then underneath a Table of Contents. Each lesson also has a menu across the top with Information, Attachments, Comments, and Lessons. For this particular lesson, there are attachments such as beading tools, fancy beads, and more.

Some lesson samples
Some lesson samples

Using the app

Curious sorts the lessons into four categories: Lessons, Curios, Collections, and Teachers. If you have a favorite teacher on a topic, then you can search that way, and if you want to learn about a specific species via the curios you can learn about North White Rhinos rather than how to do something.

Not all lessons are free, but there are many that are available this way. I appreciate this because I like to test out the way of learning prior to committing to a lesson. When I opened up the How to Bead a Necklace, I was impressed with how the lessons are provided. You can preview the lesson before enrolling, so if you change your mind it’s not cluttering your dashboard. Each lesson is presented in segments so that you can pause the lesson before you continue. I also appreciated that the app asked you if you wanted to do the exercise prior to continuing. This way, if you’re not yet ready to move on, you can wait to continue.

Lesson Layout
Lesson Layout

Curious - the game of lifelong learning


Pros & Cons


  • Free lessons
  • Sorted into four main categories
  • Thousands of lessons available for your enjoyment
  • Search for specific topics
  • Learn about wildlife, not just how to do things


  • None found

Another search format as there are many in this app
Another search format as there are many in this app

Final Thoughts

Curious is an iPad and iPhone app that allows you to go through thousands of lessons to find what interests you, or what you require assistance with. It is sorted into four main categories for easier searching, or just type in your topic. The lessons themselves are also sorted very well with the option of viewing the table of contents to skip to the part you last saw, or the part that you require assistance with rather than having to watch the full video. This is awesome for the more advanced student who requires assistance taking the crochet project off the needle and not the knots for example. Overall, this is a great app for learning almost anything, and I would definitely recommend it in the future.


Curious - the game of lifelong learning

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