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Geometry Dash Lite app review: a fun jumping game to keep you playing 2021



Geometry Dash Lite app for iPhone and iPad is a math game for kids that has you create a character to jump over geometric hazards.

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In this math app for kids, your character slides along, and all you have to do is jump -- at the exact right time. Let's dig deeper to see if this is one of the best math games for kids. 

Geometry Dash Lite


Jump and Jump Again

Geometry Dash Lite is a jumping game where you must jump your customized character over the geometric hazards. You can initially choose from one of four square characters, a space plane, a saw blade, a flying saucer, or an orb.

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Each of these can be customized with two color options. Once you select your character, you move into completing the level in either normal mode or practice mode. There are seven levels in all, and you receive a completion percentage as you progress.

As far as fun goes, if you don’t mind trying again and again then this will be really fun. I enjoyed playing it even though I did have trouble getting the hang of it. I am not the best at videogames, but I do enjoy some easy games. I also enjoyed being able to choose and customize my character.

Jump and Jump Again image

Different Levels, Different Difficulties

Geometry Dash Lite is a fun game and as you go through the levels you get a different feel for each level. The first level, for example, is called Stereo Madness and there are several stereo looking obstacles.

Level three is called Polargeist, and it requires you to keep jumping and also utilize the double and triple jumps to get higher to go further.

This jumping game is fun to play and the hazards are all made of geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles, and so on. There are orbs to collect, lightening to avoid, and all sorts of great challenges.

Different Levels, Different Difficulties image

Geometry Dash Lite


Pros & Cons


  • Free levels
  • Full version has hundreds of characters to choose from
  • Many different difficulty levels
  • Mark your progress by percentage complete


  • None found

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Geometry Dash Lite is an iPhone and iPad game that is really fun to play. All you have to do is jump your customized character over the geometric obstacles, but that’s not so easy!

I really enjoyed playing this game whether it was for the customization options, or because all I had to do was get my square to jump over all the obstacles. It sounds easy, but the game is challenging.

As you progress, the obstacles become larger and larger, and the character slips off the hazards to crash into the pits of spikes more easily.

This was both annoying and motivating! I kept going back again and again to try to pass the levels. So, overall, the game is fun and looks great. This is what a game needs, so I would recommend it for sure!

Geometry Dash Lite

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