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What's the Difference? app review: spot the differences & find hidden objects



What's the Difference? ~ spot the differences & find hidden objects in this free photo hunt puzzle! is an eye-spy style game wherein you must find the hidden objects that are different between the two pictures.

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What's the Difference? Spot It


Spot the Differences

When I was a kid, we’d go to restaurants with the menus with activities on them. One of my favorite games was always the spot the difference. What's the Difference? is that activity with many different images to keep you playing. The first few images are supposed to be easy, but they had me guessing at the last ones on easy mode! I honestly enjoy that because you often need the motivation to keep going, and having to search for that last tricky object is fun.

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I also enjoy that there is such a diverse range of images. The first one I got was a treasure chest and I had to find different treasure in each image. From pearls to the rivets on the chest, there are always differences, and for that particular one I had to find five. I found the first four easily enough, but the last one took me a while. That would be okay if it was a paper game, but it’s not, and it has a time limit! Plus, each time you click the wrong place, you lose time!

Entry menu
Entry menu

Beat the Timer

What's the Difference? is a great game to practice your observation sills. You have to find the difference while trying to beat the timer, and that’s just plain fun! I love the extra challenge, and how as you go through the levels the game becomes more difficult, but you get the same amount of time. It is a great challenge, and it’s fun to play too. As I said above, this is one of my favorite kinds of games!

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When you use photo realistic images, versus black line or cartoon, there is that much more of a challenge. The objects hide even more being camouflaged in the photo. Things like a cherry which on a white background appear quickly and easily, hide on a side board that is a rich brown, or on a chocolate cake. I enjoyed searching for the objects, as you don’t even know which objects you are supposed to be looking for.

Starting up
Starting up

What's the Difference? Spot It


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Lots of levels to challenge your seeking skills
  • Must look for subtle changes in color to spot the differences
  • Beat the timer


  • None found

What's the difference?
What's the difference?

Final Thoughts

What's the Difference? ~ spot the differences & find hidden objects in this free photo hunt puzzle! is an iPhone and iPad game for anyone who loves to search for hidden objects. There are many different levels in which you must beat the timer. Normal, Expert, or Lightening allows you to challenge yourself once you solve all of the levels on one difficulty. It’s a fun game and I really enjoyed this app.


What's the Difference? Spot It

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