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Weather Plus for Disney Parks app review: get all your information in one place



If you've got a trip planned for one of the Disney parks then you know just how important the weather is and how it will affect your daily plans. The Weather Plus for Disney Parks app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to access the weather with ease and therefore plan out your visit. The app will help you make the most of your time in the park so that you can plan your activities around the weather. For more great apps for Disney parks, check out our list of the Best iPhone apps for Disney World

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Weather Plus for Disney Parks - wdWeather+


Quick Weather Details

If you're looking for a way to get weather details in a quick and user-friendly manner for your Disney visit then the Weather Plus for Disney Parks could be the solution you're looking for. The app provides you with current weather conditions for the Disneyland Theme Parks and Disney World. You can also view weather forecasts, advisories, and radar. This is actually a combination of two apps: wdcWeather and wdWeather. Not only will you get the weather information but you can rest assured it's accurate because it uses the longitude and latitude of the resort or theme park.

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The app was last updated almost a year ago when a new weather camera API was added just as a test feature. The app currently has three out of five stars from users but no customer comments. There are no in-app purchases available.

Get an extended forecast
Get an extended forecast

Personalize the Experience

With the Weather Plus for Disney Parks app you'll be able to customize the experience by choosing and then viewing the Personal Weather Station details that are nearest to you. The app also gives users access to the Ultraviolet Index which can really help if you're planning to spend extended periods of time outside. If you want to take advantage of the live weather camera details you can even save the image to your Camera Roll. The user interface has been designed so that you can move through it quickly and find exactly what you want. Use the navigation bar along the bottom to switch between the information.

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While on the topic of the user interface, the app is rather disappointing in this sense. There is nothing unique or engaging about the app. The way in which the information is provided is quite dull and overly simple. While this app can certainly provide you with forecast details there are others out there that can do the same but better.

Check out the radar
Check out the radar

Weather Plus for Disney Parks - wdWeather+


Pros and Cons


  • The app is easy to navigate
  • Get the current weather details and a forecast
  • The app uses your location to find the weather details


  • There is nothing noteworthy or unique about this app

View weather conditions in local area
View weather conditions in local area

Final Words

The Weather Plus for Disney Parks app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will give you the tools you need to get weather details fast it’s just a bit of a letdown when it comes to the tools and look of the offering.


Weather Plus for Disney Parks - wdWeather+

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