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Word Translator Foreign Language app review: a personal interpreter in your pocket



Word Translator Foreign Language Educational Travel Tool is an iPhone and iPad app created by Sulaba Inc. It is specifically designed for travelers, language learners, and students. The app allows you to translate words and sentences from one supported language to another with the added capability of saving the translations to your favorites list.

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Word Translator - Foreign Language Educational Travel Tool


Speak the Language of the World

With more than 30 supported major languages, Word Translator is a very useful app for those who are travelling to a foreign country. It can also help language learners who are trying to improve their vocabulary of foreign words and phrases.

The simplicity of this app is its strength. It provides a minimalist user interface that allows you to quickly generate a translation. There is no need for you to worry about complicated controls and buttons. All you need to do is to type a source word, select a target language, and hit translate. Within seconds, a translated version will be displayed on screen.

Apart from text translations, Word Translator offers text to speech capability which will enable you to know the correct pronunciation of a foreign word. This is particularly useful if you want to interact with someone who does not speak your language.

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More Features

As mentioned earlier, Word Translator can support more than 30 languages as long as your devices operating system is equipped to display foreign character sets. To get the most out of this app, make sure that you have the latest language packs installed in your iPhone or iPad.

 The app allows you to save all previous translations so that you can put them in a personal favorites list. So the next time you hear a familiar foreign word or sentence, you can browse through your favorites to view the translation. This feature will help you to become more consistent in using certain terminologies of a target language.

Word Translator offers two unique features that are not typically provided by other apps. These are the send to email and SMS functions. With this app, you have the option to send your translated words and sentences to your personal email. You may also send your list to some of your friends in case you want to verify the correctness of the translations. If your device supports texting capability, then Word Translator offers a tool that enables you to quickly send translated words via SMS.

Finally, this app is fully customizable. You have the option to personalize the theme and the colors of its user interface. 

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More Features image

Word Translator - Foreign Language Educational Travel Tool


Pros & Cons


  • More than 30 supported languages
  • Provides optional save list for translated words
  • Integration with email and SMS
  • Minimalist and simple design
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Quick translation
  • Customizable user interface
  • Text-to-speech capability


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Final Thoughts

There are many language translating apps in the market today but Word Translator stands out from the rest. This simple app for iPhone and iPad offers powerful capabilities to help you understand foreign words and sentences. By getting this app, you will have a handy translator right in your pocket.

Word Translator - Foreign Language Educational Travel Tool

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