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Book Crawler app review: practical solution for cataloging books-2020



Are you planning to create a personal library for your book collection? If so, Book Crawler app is the perfect app for you. Created by Jaime Stokes, Book Crawler is the highest-rated book catalog app and library management tool in the App Store.

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This app offers a practical solution for cataloging your book collection and reading list. It simplifies the work of collectors, librarians, book lovers, and students.

With this book tracking app, you finally have a way to quickly and accurately upload your entire book collection into one easy-to-manage library cataloguing database with option to share, import and export your data. Adding new books to your personal library is simple and fast with the ISBN barcode scanner or manual number search.

Book Crawler


Quick Way to Organize Books

Book Crawler is designed to make any type of cataloging project as painless as possible. It has a simple user interface that allows for greater flexibility in personalizing your library collection.

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This app collects and displays complete book information which will enable you to easily organize your collection into different categories. There are two ways to catalog books in Book Crawler. You can automate the process by using its built-in barcode scanner. After scanning, information about your book such as title, author, ISBN, and other pertinent data will be uploaded in the app.

You can also manually encode the information about your book by inputting the data in the required fields. The good thing is that Book Crawler has the capability to pull information from Google Books, WorldCat, and Goodreads. All you need to do is to search for the book title and the app will automatically fill in the needed data into your catalog.

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Best Features of Book Crawler

Book Crawler has a special section for organizing author data or information. From this section, you will be able to rate individual authors. It also allows you to search and find other published books of an author so you can put them in your reading list.

This app offers several customization features to make your library more comprehensive. For example, you can add custom fields and labels to determine the date you added the data, who recommended the book, where to find your book, and other relevant information.

Book Crawler supports batch processing for new catalogs. The app is capable of importing CSV data. It organizes the imported data into predefined fields and arranges the information in a series. You can manually edit the imported data later if you want to add more information.

Book crawler app has options to easily sort and view your database by title, author, copyright, date, decimal, genre, collection, rating, if read/when, ownership status, media format, series information, loan status, price, or customizable fields. New entries to book catalogue app automatically load title, author, artwork, genre, series, ISBN, publisher, format, and copyright for most books

Book Crawler integrates with Dropbox for back-up purposes. You can also export all data to CSV file and send it to your personal email. Having the ability to back-up your catalog eliminates the danger of data loss.

And lastly, Book Crawler supports social sharing via Facebook and Twitter. You can tweet your reading list and recommendations or post a status on Facebook to share your catalog.

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Book Crawler


Pros & Cons


  • Simple, attractive interface, and functional
  • Special section for listing and rating authors
  • Integration with Google Books, WorldCat, and Goodreads
  • Fully customizable categories and data fields
  • Built-in ISBN scanner
  • Responsive support from the developer
  • Social sharing function
  • Clear and concise app documentation


  • No automatic backup; only supports manual backup to Dropbox and email
  • Not smart enough to organize multiple edition books

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Final Thoughts

Book Crawler is the ideal cataloging and library management tool for avid book collectors. It is a powerful app that can help organize your extensive book collections.

Book Crawler

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