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Elevate app review: a different kind of Brain Training 2021



Elevate app is a tool that will help you train your brain through brain games. Unlike other games for the brain, this also includes reading speed and comprehension, as well as tip of tongue difficulties.

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This puzzles app for iPhone has brain games that focus in depth on a surprisingly wide array of specific skills and abilities ranging from basic math logic and text memorization to ability to easily operate above average level unobvious grammar constructions and effective debating and persuasion. 

Elevate has underdgone numerous great updates throughout the year including 90+ new achievements to unlock, new games to improve memory skills, and a host of features to enhance user experience along with the app's optimization and stabilization. 

Keep reading our Elevate app review to learn more about this good puzzles app for iPhone and iPad users. Also, check out our best puzzle apps list for comparable options. 

Elevate - Brain Training


Learn as You Go

Elevate encourages you to learn more as you progress. There is an initial test that takes approximately 24 minutes to complete, and then you will know where you sit. There are four levels and as you gain points you will move from beginner to intermediate, advanced, and expert.

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I scored lower than I would have thought, so that also indicates that this is a more difficult game to challenge those who are already relatively advanced.

There are six practice areas: articulate your thoughts more clearly, improve focus while reading and listening, improve your problem solving skills, retain more of what you read and hear, improve your mental vocabulary, and process information faster.

These categories are great for improving reading speed, and weeding out tricky tip of tongue words as well as faster math calculations, and so much more.

Learn as You Go image

How It's Different

Elevate is different from other IQ increasing games in that it focuses on different abilities. Many focus on solving puzzles, logic, and the like, while Elevate focuses on reading speed and comprehension, remembering exact details from listening such as grocery lists, and more. 

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In everyday life, this app can help you to remember what you just read more accurately in situations like preparing for a big meeting, giving that great presentation, or just discussing the daily news. Not only does it help with reading recall, but it helps to improve reading speed as well.

The app started at 350 words per minute for me, and that was way too fast for me to absorb. It gives you a couple chances though, and then I got the hang of it and started to improve my score.

How It

Elevate - Brain Training


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Six brain building activities
  • Works on different skills than many of the other apps in the same class


  • Started out too fast for me so it took me a few tries to get the hang of it

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Elevate - Brain Training is an iPhone and iPad game that helps you to increase your intelligence by exercising your brain. Increase your reading recall as well as reading speed, increase your memory, and more.

I was impressed with this app as it is not just another learning app for adults. It really did stretch my abilities, and focused on practical skills rather than abstractly helping my brain stay fit.

It was refreshing to read and answer questions rather than solve logic puzzles to apply to real life. Overall, I really enjoyed testing this app, and will be recommending it to my mother.

Elevate - Brain Training

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