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Skypix Astronomy app review: a reference guide to the stars



The Skypix Astronomy app is no longer in iTunes but you can find an alternative astronomy app on our iPhone list. You can also find all the best iPhone apps on our applists. We have also reviewed these stargazing apps or check out our iPhone app reviews:-

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Startracker, Starlight, Cosmic Zoom, Cosmic watch, Mars atlas, Astonomy pictures, Astronomy magazineWhether you look up at the skies in awe, or you look to them and can name a number of the constellations. this app can be for you. The Skypix Astronomy app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides you with a look at the sky that may surprise you. This app, which acts like a reference guide to the starts, includes a real-time news feed all about astronomy. It’s actually quite surprising just how much news and discoveries there are and how they are happening all the time.

Skypix Astronomy – Sky Map and Astronomy Guide


Why Use the App

So why would you want to use the Skypix Astronomy app? If you have even a passing interest in astronomy this can be a wonderful place to start and get to know what's in the skies. It features a geo-localized map of the sky, real-time news updates, and there is an encyclopedia that is also updated quite often. The goal of this app is to show you the sky like "you've never seen it before." Think of the app as your own mobile digital planetarium.

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The app hasn't been updated in almost three years now, which is obviously a long time for an app to go. Its last update was a bug fix. There is no customer rating at this time nor are there any customer comments. This app doesn't appear to be creating much of a buzz.

Why Use the App image

Features Included

The Skypix Astronomy app offers a handful of features and tools that are meant to make the user experience enjoyable. The app works by finding your current location then gives you 360 degree view of the sky through the use of an interactive map. Obviously this map will be different depending on where you are located so it’s fun to try it in different areas. There are data sheets about astronomy offering details on comets, stars, nebulae, planets, and galaxies. There is also photographic imaging of the sky that you can browse through.

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When you're first starting out with the app you'll want to check out the video tutorials that take you through the in's and out's of the app. The user interface could definitely feel more engaging and modern, in that sense it's a bit of a letdown. Even the graphics and colors feel dull and unimpressive.

Features Included image

Skypix Astronomy – Sky Map and Astronomy Guide


Pros and Cons


  • The app provides interactive maps of the sky using your current location
  • There is a real-time news feed complete with details on any new discoveries
  • Read all the details on such things as planets, comets, stars, and more
  • There is a helpful tutorial for new users


  • The user interface is a letdown and rather dull
  • The price of the app feels high for what you get
  • The app hasn’t been updated in quite some time

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Skypix Astronomy app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to provide users with a detailed reference guide to the stars but it feels quite out of touch and unimpressive. There are better options available.

Skypix Astronomy – Sky Map and Astronomy Guide

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