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Karaoke Anywhere app review: providing countless hours of karaoke party anytime 2021



Do you want to spend hours of great karaoke partying exclusively with your friends? Or maybe you’re just really fond of singing and looking for an application that can satisfy your passion for music. Whether for parties or for personal use, Karaoke Anywhere is the perfect free karaoke app for you.

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KaraokeAnywhere app is a fully featured app for karaoke optimized for iPhone but, it is also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch. Developed by JoltSoft LLC, this fun karaoke app offers tens of thousands of streaming songs allowing you to enjoy karaoke parties in the privacy of your home.

Karaoke Anywhere


A Karaoke Player in Your Pocket

Sing-along and music bars are some of the most favorite hangouts of avid karaoke fans. Unfortunately, these bars are often crowded and noisy which could ruin the fun of karaoke parties.

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The good news is you can now avoid the crowd but still enjoy a night of blissful singing, thanks to Karaoke Anywhere. By installing this app, you will have a portable karaoke player in your pocket. Not only that, this app brings a streaming library of songs in your mobile device. Some of the songs are already available for free to allow you to start your party immediately after downloading the application.

A Karaoke Player in Your Pocket image

Best Features of Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere is a subscription-based application. When you download the app, you will get a full featured player with advanced customization settings. A variety of free songs from different artists and genres are included in the app. These songs are ready to be played so you can start singing to your heart’s content.

If you purchase a subscription, you will get access to more than 10,000 songs streamed to your mobile device. There is also an in-app feature that enables you to buy more songs. It only takes a single tap to get any song you want.

Karaoke Anywhere is the most advanced sing-along player in the market today. This app has a built-in key changing function. You can easily adjust the key of any song in the library to match your vocal range. This function allows you to sing songs that are beyond your vocal key.

The player allows you to record and mix songs. Your recorded songs will be saved locally for later playback. They can also be transferred to a desktop computer for backup or playback. Additionally, you can alter or mix your songs by using the app’s reverb, echo adjustment, and sound effect functions.

And if you want a much larger screen to display the karaoke songs, simply plug your mobile device to your TV using standard A/V cables. 

Best Features of Karaoke Anywhere image

Karaoke Anywhere


Pros and Cons


  • Free songs
  • Thousands of songs available for subscription and purchase
  • Extensive list of artists and genres; from oldies to the latest hits
  • Key adjustment to match vocal range
  • Customization options for reverb, echo, and effects
  • Allows TV output
  • Record, save, transfer songs
  • Social sharing to Facebook and Twitter
  • You can rate songs by other karaoke singers


  • Requires fast Internet connection to enjoy buffer-free streaming and downloads

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Karaoke Anywhere lives up to its reputation as the leading karaoke application in the App Store. Aside from the impressive list of songs and music genres in its library, this app has advanced customization options. It will provide hours of musical enjoyment for you and your friends.

Karaoke Anywhere

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