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Kids Learning to Read Little Reader app review: fully customizable tutor to help kids read



Kids Learning to Read Little Reader is one of the best educational applications for iPhone and iPad. It is designed for children age 0-6 and has been tested by parents and educators from around the world. Developed by Innovative Investments Limited, this app offers hours of learning and enjoyment for your children.  

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Kids Learning to Read - Little Reader CVC Words


Customizable Educational Platform for Kids

There are many reading apps for small children in the App Store. Unfortunately, most of these apps have predefined lessons that cannot be changed. Some parents get frustrated if they lose the ability to customize the reading lessons of their children.

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To answer the demand of parents, Innovative Investments came up with the Little Reader app. This is the only fully customizable reading tool so far. The app works like a personal tutor that will keep children fully engaged for hours.

This application provides plenty of leeway for parents to customize the reading lessons of their children. For example, you can turn on or off the built-in audio hints. For very small kids, audio hints would be helpful; but for older toddlers, an audio hint could become a distraction.  

Little Reader also allows you to add your own voice in the app through the record function. With this tool, your child will hear your voice telling stories and teaching reading lessons. You will never see this kind of customization in other apps.

Best Features of Kids Learning to Read Little Reader

Of course, one of the most impressive features of Little Reader app is its ability to record your voice. This feature will allow you to further customize the app. For example, you can make new reading lessons using your voice. You can set the minimum or maximum amount of pictures and images for every lesson. You can also create new words to further develop the vocabulary of your child.

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And because this app can record your voice, it has the ability to support native language reading instruction. All you have to do is create a special reading lesson using your native language and spelling.

Little Reader offers great graphics that will attract little children. There is also a narrator who will assist your kid in associating words to the right objects or images.

This application offers 150 three-letter words to jumpstart your kid to learn how to read. You can add more words later by creating new lessons. At the end of each lesson, your child can access the interactive games. These games serve as quizzes to measure the development of the learner. Game sounds and images are fully customizable, too.

Kids Learning to Read - Little Reader CVC Words


Pros and Cons


  • Full customization features
  • Approved by educators
  • Easy to use interface
  • With interactive games
  • Add own voice
  • Create custom lessons
  • Professional narrator
  • High-quality images and photos
  • With audio hints
  • Virtual tile magnet function
  • Support for native tongue lessons
  • Impressive customer support


  • No lock function to prevent kids from closing the application

Final Thoughts

Kids Learning to Read Little Reader app can help your child to quickly learn basic reading. This app is impressive in terms of custom features, image quality, and effectiveness of interactive quizzes.

Kids Learning to Read - Little Reader CVC Words

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