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BrainPOP ESL app review: an excellent multisensory learning app for elementary school-aged children 2021



BrainPOP ESL is an iPhone and iPad learning English app that assists students with learning English as a Second Language through fun games and more.

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In this iPhone learning English app, there are three levels of learning, free lessons to get your started, and more lessons to purchase when you decide if it’s working for you.

Keep reading our BrainPOP ESL app review to learn more about this good learning English app for iPhone and iPad. 



Learn with Ben

BrainPOP ESL features, Ben who guides you through the lessons from the introductory movie, to hear it say it, vocabulary, flash words, grammar, and finally quiz.

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I appreciate how the developers simplified the lessons so that the student is learning small bits of information at a time. To the beginner, it will still seem like a lot of language to digest though, so be prepared.

The app begins with pronouns and Ben. Ben introduces you to his robot friend, his boy friend, and his girl friend. We are taught he, she, it, and how to conjugate contractions such as he is to he’s.

This is a tricky skill for new English students, as it is two different words. The app breaks it down though so that your student can see that one turns into the next.

Learn with Ben image

Free Lessons Galore

I was also impressed with how many free lessons there are in BrainPOP ESL. There are five units per level, and a free lesson per level. This makes for a lot of learning to test out the app before you commit to purchasing anything.

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I appreciate a great free sample so that I can get a feel for an app, and how the student I specifically downloaded it for reacts to the learning style within.

The learning style is quite interactive. It starts with a video clip explaining the new vocabulary. Not only is the vocabulary heard, but also seen in the caption box. Next you can choose to hear it and say it which is a great way to reinforce learning. Repeating new ideas back to yourself helps to internalize the information.

Free Lessons Galore image



Pros & Cons


  • Free samples
  • Lots of lessons to try
  • Different ways to learn with audio, visual, and interactive portions


  • None found

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

BrainPOP ESL is a multi-sensory lesson app for iPhone and iPad that is provided to English as a Second Language learners visually, through listening, and through practice.

It’s a great app to get kids wanting to learn, with a boy named Ben. He is a friendly, approachable guy who will help kids learn. It will help them to stay interested in trying to learn.

I don’t currently have any ESL students, but I can see my students in the past enjoying learning English with the help of this educational app for grade school kids.


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