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Wines & Wine Tasting Essentials app review: your definitive guide to wines



Wine & Wine Tasting Essentials is an educational app that can guide you through the intricacies of wines and wine tasting. Designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch by Wine Essentials, it offers solid information about wines with beautiful info-graphics and a pleasant-looking interface. If you are looking for a handy resource material to understand the basics of wines, this application is for you.

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Wines & Wine Tasting Essentials


The Wine Tutor in the Palm of Your Hands

There are five fundamental groups of wines namely Red wine, White wine, Rose wine, Sparkling, and Dry or fortified wine. Each group consists of dozens of varieties categorized by sweetness, color quality, texture, flavors, origin, and more. All in all, there are at least 200 types of wines available in the market. Choosing the right wine, therefore, can be very difficult.

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You can do away with the confusion by getting Wine & Wine Tasting Essentials. This mobile application can serve as your handy tutor that will help you identify different types of wines. It is an educational platform packed with valuable information about wine varieties, label explanations, tasting basics, wine storage, wine and food pairing, and many more.

With the help of Wine & Wine Tasting Essentials, you will never get confused again when it comes to choosing the perfect wine for the right occasion.

The Wine Tutor in the Palm of Your Hands image

Best Features of Wine & Wine Tasting Essentials

This application offers a beautiful interface with vibrant appeal. Colorful images, impressive typography, and simple info-graphics make this app a delight to use. More importantly, the layout of this app is exceptional. You can navigate through different sections without any trouble. Icons and menus are easy to find and each section loads very fast.

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Wine & Wine Tasting Essentials introduces you to 22 major varieties of red and white wines. It offers rich information about wine nomenclature and flavor characteristics of different kinds of grape wines. There are sections for sparkling wine and dessert wine varieties.

This app has a section that will help you understand wine labels. You probably know already that the information printed on wine labels tells the pedigree of particular brands. Wine & Wine Tasting Essentials makes it easy for you to identify label information such as rank, serial number, variety, origin, blend, alcohol content, and more. It clearly marks each element of a label and provides an explanation about it. The app presents the information with colorful graphics for your reading convenience.

Other useful features of this application include a basic guide on wine tasting, a guide on wine and food pairing, a list of things you need to prepare for wine tasting, links to more online resources about wines, and an extensive glossary of terms for wine tasting.

Best Features of Wine & Wine Tasting Essentials image

Wines & Wine Tasting Essentials


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful interface with colors and graphics
  • Excellent typography
  • Intuitive interface and responsive menus
  • Rich information about 22 wine varieties
  • A guide on sparkling and dessert wines
  • Info-graphic to read wine labels
  • Guide to wine tasting with glossary
  • Links to more resources online
  • Works without Internet connection


  • It would be nice to add information about more exotic types of wines

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Wine & Wine Tasting Essentials is your ultimate guide to know the fundamentals of wines and wine tasting. It offers solid information with colorful and user friendly graphics and texts. 

Wines & Wine Tasting Essentials

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