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iAliens for Reddit app review: a beautiful and simple client for Reddit



Reddit is an amazing social network which can be really overwhelming even on a big PC or Mac screen. iAliens for Reddit is an app that brings you the vast Reddit universe to the palm of your hand on your iPhone or iPad.

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This Reddit client is designed specifically for iOS 8. It can be found in the News section of the App Store, where it can be downloaded completely free of charge. Let's take a look at its features.

iAliens for Reddit


User-Friendly Interface

iAliens for Reddit is a very lightweight app, taking up just 8.5 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad. It boasts lightning-fast performance, loading pages far more quickly than any other Reddit clients I've used, and it's also very easy to use.

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Reddit can be a difficult website to navigate due to its sheer vastness, but this app does a beautiful job of ensuring that users can access the amazing website from anywhere and still have all the functions they need to make the best of the user experience.

Color Themes and Posting

iAliens for Reddit features six color themes to customize the look of the app to your liking. Furthermore, the app also comes with a night mode that will keep it easy on your eyes in those late hours.

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This app lets you search for posts, post on Reddit, message other users, and edit any posts or comments made by your account. Users will also be able to browse images and save them to their camera rolls with just a tap.

iAliens for Reddit


Pros & Cons


  • Free and lightweight app
  • Choose from six color themes
  • Enjoy a beautifully condensed user interface
  • Browse through and save images with ease
  • Write and edit posts and comments
  • Search for posts or subreddits


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

If you're in the market for a Reddit client for your iPhone or iPad, iAliens for Reddit will be a great choice for you. This app has completely transformed my Reddit experience.


iAliens for Reddit

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