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Long Division Touch app review: a step-by-step instructional guide to learning



Long Division Touch is an iPhone and iPad app that will help your student learn to master long division. It starts out easily, with straightforward instructions, and progresses into remainders, decimals, repeating decimals, and finally decimals in the divisor.

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Long Division Touch


Learn Long Division

Long division is one of those skills that many kids have trouble mastering. Long Division Touch will help them by guiding them through the process. The app first asks your student to drag the divisor into the first number, your student taps the plus or minus sign to get to the correct answer, and continues on to subtraction. Each step is orchestrated by the app in careful directions, and then bring-down step is also illustrated well.

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I really enjoyed testing this app, as I have been trying to teach my students how to do long division for a while. Many have mastered it, some have gotten the hang of it most of the time, but some are still struggling. Each child learns in a different way, and you never know just which technique will light the candle. Sometimes you can go through the process a thousand times, and the exact same thing will click into place. I’m hoping that this app will help my student come to an understanding.

Drag the divisor into the numbers used first
Drag the divisor into the numbers used first

Another Tool to Help Kids

I love how this app can help kids learn. Long Division Touch is a step-by-step app that really breaks it down for your students, forcing them to do the correct step over and over so that they can move on. There are six lessons: Introduction, Zero Up Top, Remainders, Decimals, Repeating Decimals, and Decimal in Divisor. They’re self-explanatory to adults who have learned the process, and I appreciate how each step is broken down, and also provides extra practice for students. All you have to do is click on the barbell to find them, or to redo the lesson if you get stuck.

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Summary of Lessons
Summary of Lessons

Long Division Touch


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Great instructional app
  • Step by step to help students understand
  • Broken into six lessons


  • Cannot input your own questions

Practice problems
Practice problems

Final Thoughts

Long Division Touch is an iPhone and iPad app that helps students learn how to do long division. It works them through step by step, and includes six different lessons to progress through the various steps of long division from beginner division, to zeros up top, remainders, decimals, repeating decimals, and finally decimals in the divisor. I am really impressed with this app, and will be using it in my tutoring. The way that it works through the steps slowly and also includes practice questions helps kids learn in a way that many can easily understand. I’m hoping that it will help my student who is struggling to get that last click to do the math independently. It’s a great app and a great teaching tool.


Long Division Touch

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