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Fling! app review: fling away your frustrations



Fling is a simple, yet super addictive puzzle game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you’ve ever sat on the subway bored out of your mind on the long commute home from work, this game is for you. Instead of staring at the walls of the train why not challenge your mind with this extremely fun little puzzle game. You’ll be pulling into your home station wondering where the time went.

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Fling Away Your Frustrations

There are so many puzzle games in the app store you’ll never get through them all, but there is one you should definitely include on your list. Fling is a must. It’s probably the simple game play that makes it so additive. There’s pretty much no learning curve. The five year old in our household was playing it with very little instruction in a matter of a minute or two. If a five year old can figure it out that quickly you might be thinking it can’t be that much of a challenge, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sure the first couple of boards are relatively simple (those are the ones the five year old loves), but it gets progressively more difficult: believe me, you will be challenged!

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The graphics are just plain fun, from flinging fur balls to flinging fruit, you’ll love every minute of it. These types of games really rise and fall on the little details, and Fling does them well. Each time you fling a board piece it’s accompanied by zany little sounds and visual effects, and the background music is also a little off the wall. It’s kind of got that cartoon feel. At 13.9MB you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space either.

Game Play

When you first open the app you’ll be confronted with four different modes: arcade, free play, challenge, and frenzy. The first three are available as part of the free app, but to access the fourth one you have to reach level 10 in free play, or you can unlock it with an in-app purchase. In arcade play you must complete the puzzle as quickly as possible before the timer runs out, free play has no time limits, in challenge you have to complete puzzle sets in a set time to move to the next level, and in frenzy the board continuously fills with balls: you just have to stay alive as long as you can.

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The gameplay is simple. You fling balls into other balls on the board by flicking your finger. The challenge is to always make sure you position the ball so that it lines up with the next one. You have to always be thinking two or three moves ahead, or you will soon find yourself out of balls with no moves left. If you’re not sure of the next move you can always tap the hint icon in the bottom left corner. You can also use the undo feature if you find yourself stuck. Don’t worry if you have to step away for a minute, you can always resume your game right where you left off. I did not find any major flaws or glitches in the gameplay.



Pros and Cons


  • Simple, yet addictive gameplay
  • Fun graphics and sound effects
  • Progressively more difficult levels keep things interesting


  • You must clear the first 10 levels to access all game options or purchase access through an in-app purchase

Final Words

Fling is a simple, yet addictive puzzle game with very little learning curve that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Looking for something to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Give Fling a try because you won’t be disappointed.


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