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Epic Tune app review: tune up and play



If you love to play guitar you know there’s nothing more annoying than an instrument that’s out of tune. What a difference it makes when your guitar’s tuned properly. An out-of-tune guitar sounds like a couple of tomcats scrapping it out on your backyard fence: it’s not pretty. Epic Tune is a great little app to help keep your guitar in tune, and as an added bonus it will help prevent your spouse from throwing their shoe at you! It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Epic Chromatic Tuner


Play Guitar

I’ve tried tuners that simply don’t work properly. Generally the idea is you pluck a string and the tuner will move left or right depending on how far out of tune the string is. If the needle doesn’t move when you pluck the string, then your string is in tune. The problem with some tuners is they’re just not accurate. How can you tell? Once you’ve played the guitar for a while you develop your own ear to intuitively recognize when a string’s out of tune. This obviously won’t work for the beginner, and that’s why you need a reliable tuner that you can depend on. Epic Tune is just the app you’re looking for.

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It’s produced by a company called which is better known for its YouTube video guitar lessons. It’s a company that knows guitars, and it’s been around for a while so it’s a name you can trust. After all, what good is a guitar tuner that doesn’t work? The app takes up minimal space on your device, only 3.9 MB, and best of al,l it’s free.

Getting in Tune

It really is a very basic app, but it works.  If you’ve ever seen an actual physical guitar tuner you’ll notice that the app is designed to look just like a real tuner. When you tap on the app you’re immediately taken to the tuner. The app defaults to standard tuning. Go ahead and pluck each string. It will recognize each string as you pluck them, and as you make manual adjustments to your guitars tuning the needle will get closer to the center which indicates the string is in tune. That’s really all there is to it.

The best instrument tuners for iPhone

You also have the option to tune you’re guitar in different keys, such as Drop D tuning. It’s a great little app for beginner and experienced guitarists alike. As an added bonus the app comes with five bonus guitar lessons to get you started. There’s an option to tap for more lessons, but you have to provide your name and email address to access them.

What really separates this app from other guitar tuning apps is that it works like a real guitar tuner. The graphic interface is a reproduction of a standard guitar tuner, and works in exactly the same way. Most other guitar tuners available in the app store are a little more basic. They provide you with buttons or strings, when you tap on each note it mimics the appropriate sound that the corresponding string on a guitar would make. This works fine, but the Epic Tune app is much more intuitive.

Getting in Tune image

Epic Chromatic Tuner


Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Works just like a physical guitar tuner
  • You have the option to tune in standard tuning or in other keys


  • There are no real drawbacks

Final Notes

Epic tune is a great little guitar tuner app for beginner and expert alike. It’s simple to use, and it works as advertised. So tune up your guitar and get the music started!

Epic Chromatic Tuner

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