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BenchMax app review: a tool to quickly calculate your one-rep max



BenchMax is an application designed to quickly calculate your one-repetition maximum in strength training. It is a simple but very useful app that helps you do away with complicated calculations of your current strength level. Developed by Brandon H. Smith, this application works perfectly with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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The Importance of Knowing Your One-Rep Max

Whether you are new to strength training or not, it is always important to know and monitor your current strength level. By knowing how strong you are, you will be able to develop a custom weightlifting exercise program that will improve your strength. Knowing your strength level also helps you prevent injuries by avoiding weights that are way beyond your capacity.

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This is the science behind BenchMax, an application that helps you determine your one repetition maximum or one-rep max on the bench press. One-rep max pertains to the maximum force that you can generate in one powerful lift. It is used to determine your current strength level.

There is a complicated formula for computing the one-rep max. If you hate crunching mathematical formulas, then BenchMax can perform the calculations for you. This app offers you the convenience of determining your actual one-rep max.

It is very important to accurately determine your 1RM. If you do not know your current strength level, you could device a training program that is unsuitable for your condition. You will practically waste your time at the gym. You can avoid this scenario with the help of BenchMax app.

BenchMax app works just like a simple calculator. You can start using it after successfully finishing your reps at the bench press. Tell the app the weight you just lifted and the number of reps that you have made. This sports app will show your bench press maximum in terms of weight. It also gives you certain percentages which you can use as guideposts for developing a progression-based training program.

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Features of BenchMax Application

Simplicity is the key word when you use BenchMax. It is a stripped-down calculator set on a single screen display. It has no complicated menus and other unnecessary buttons. Everything is simple about this app so you can focus more on your training.

The app opens immediately to the one-rep max calculator. There are only two fields that you need to fill-in: the weight you lifted and the number of repetitions you made. At the bottom of the screen is a large button that says ‘calculate.’ You need to press this button to get the calculation of your bench press maximum.

BenchMax displays weight units both in English and Metric systems. There is a small button at the top of the app which you can toggle between pounds unit and kilograms.

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Pros & Cons


  • Simple calculator
  • Shows percentages and bench press maximum
  • With English and Metric systems of measurement
  • Fast and reliable
  • Works offline


  • There is no negative review for this app

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Final Thoughts

BenchMax is a small app that offers great benefit for weight training enthusiasts. It shows your bench press maximum which is a measure of your current strength level.   


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