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Architect's Formulator app review: a must-have app for architects



As an architect app, it’s your primary role to come up with good architectural designs that are in line with building regulations. This is not always easy due to the many calculations and logistical factors that need to be considered in the process. Multieducator Inc has come up with an app that can enhance your productivity by helping you create amazing designs cost effectively, Architect’s Formulator.

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Architect's Formulator


What Does Architect’s Formulator Do

This architects app for iPhone is packed with over 400 formulas that you can use to come up with great designs for your clients. For instance, it offers excavation and concrete formulas that can be used to perform calculations when filling or excavating construction sites. You can also use it to determine the number of bricks required to construct a stable perimeter wall around a property.

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To deliver accurate results, this app is engineered to combine all the formulas used by plumbing, carpentry, and even electrical formulators in the world today. There are also a number of specific formulas that can be used when creating steel and concrete designs, sidewalk designs, swimming pools, and even parking areas.

No prior experience is a need to use this app as long as you have background information on architecture. The developers are keen to ensure that all designs created are top notch and that is why they embark on regular checks that are tailored to uncover any flaws in the formulas. 

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Different Formulas That It Offers

Plumbing section offers formulas that you need to calculate weight of different pipes as well as total area of covered by pipes on the walls. The app goes step further to enable users to know the final temperature when two different bodies of water are mixed. The results are used to make informed decisions when shopping for expansion pipes, radiant heat and as well as determining fresh air room requirements.

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Carpentry section contains very crucial formulas that are required to come up with strong wooden structures. For instance, you can use the app to accurate know the loan of headers as well as total cost of installing hardwood flooring in an area. There are also additional formulas that can be used to calculate loads on beams and walls.

Electrical section has formulas that play a very important role of ensuring that all electrical connections are done correctly. For example, you will be able to calculate horsepower, power factor, watts, current, resistance, kilowatts and many more in minutes.

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Architect's Formulator


Pros and Cons


  • Offers accurate formulas
  • Performs calculation fast in a bid to save time for other income generating activities
  • Can be used to carry out different tasks such as carpentry and plumbing
  • Has user-friendly interface that is clearly demarcated
  • The formulas are categorized in different groups to prevent confusion
  • Ability to save projects that you are incomplete
  • View all recent projects that you have worked on


  • You need to be an architect to use this app as most formulas require special skills

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Final Words

Architect’s Formulator is a very important tool that architects can use to prove their service delivery. It is quite easy to use and provides accurate results every time. 

Architect's Formulator

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