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Quotes Pro app review: get inspired



Life can sometimes discourage you from achieving your goals and objectives. Skol Games LLC has come up with a smart application called Quotes Pro to keep you going during such trying times by providing quotes from some of the best motivation speakers that ever walked this planet. It is designed for iPad and iPhone models as it is fully compatible with their operating systems.

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Quotes” Pro


Get Amazing Quotes Today

This inspiration app has a database with over 1,000 different quotes from the entire globe as well as wallpapers that you can share with friends, colleagues, and family members. The quotes are sourced from renowned journals and books whose main objective is to help readers uncover their hidden potential and capabilities.

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Unlike other conventional apps, this one is free from any ads hence you can read your quote and internalize on it without having to close any advertisements. The wallpapers are professional designed to elicit your inner feelings and help you understand the quote.

To ensure that users get freshest apps that resonate with their current circumstances, the quotes are classified in different categories such as love, life, advice, famous, inspiration, and advice. If you like, you can use the wallpapers to customize your phone screen. There are thousands of wallpapers, hence finding one that suits you best will not be a problem.

Best Features of Quotes Pro

As mentioned earlier, this application is specially customized for iPhone 5. All you have to do to access other wallpapers or quotes is just swipe left or right on your screen. The wallpapers and quotes are written in clear and very visible font that makes it seamlessly easy to read them.

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You do not need to undergo any training sessions to derive maximum utility from this app as it has a user-friendly interface. In fact, you can start using it immediately. The entire quote is just 3.7 MB and so you can download it in less than three seconds depending on the quality of your internet connection.

The new updates allow users to add sources to quotes that are currently unknown in the database. The developers have also worked smart to improve web link attribution and come up with new updates that make it ideal for use in devices that run on iOS 7. Every wallpaper is different and is in line with the nature of the quote. 

Quotes” Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent customer support
  • Very user friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Hundreds of different quotes and wallpapers
  • Does not affect functionalism of the phone in any way
  • You can inspire your friends and colleagues by sharing the quotes and wallpapers in just two clicks
  • Quotes are grouped in categories depending on the message they seek to convey


  • There are no negatives

Final Thoughts

Quotes” Pro is a very intuitive inspirational application that can motivate you to achieve goals and objectives. If you like, you can write down your favorite quotes in your diary or booklet for future reference. 


Quotes” Pro

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