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Lego Friends Art Maker app review: create heart-shaped cards with many different options



Lego Friends Art Maker is an iPhone and iPad creation studio where your child can make heart-shaped cards and more. There are any different tools from stamps and rollers to spray paint and pencils, there are lots of creation options, and lots of fun to be had.

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LEGO® Friends Art Maker


Create Heart-Shaped Cards

Lego Friends Art Maker is a fun creation app that allows kids to create heart-shaped cards. Kids really enjoy the options in this app from initially selecting the background pattern, to adding the characters, pencil, marker, paintbrush, stamp roller, stamp, glitter stamp, eraser, and stickers. There are many characters to choose from ranging from head shots to full body and groups of friends. There are also fully colored images and designs that you can color in.

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My six year-old-daughter found this app quickly when I installed it. I let her play on my iPad on the weekends only usually, and download new apps once or twice a week for review. She found it within 10 minutes! She was immediately coloring the black line pages, adding effects, and generally enjoying herself. She’s a very artistic child, and I regularly download coloring and drawing apps for her to play with to keep her interested.

Create Heart-Shaped Cards image

Unlock More Activities

As you go through the activities in Lego Friends Art Maker, you can unlock more activities to do. You unlock Lego pieces, and the first one you get is to create your dream pet. These inspirations will keep your child inspired to create cards for their pet, their friends, and so much more! My daughter played with this app for a long time, showed it to her sister, and then helped her little sister, who is two, create cards too. She must have created 20 cards for her various friends, family members, and so on. It was really great to watch her having so much fun! She even got out her Lego friends pieces for inspiration.

Unlock More Activities image

LEGO® Friends Art Maker


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Lots of different tools to create heart-shaped cards
  • Lots of fun pictures to unlock for inspiration and additional tools
  • Kids love all of the pattern options
  • Sticker characters or coloring book style characters


  • You appear to unlock Lego pieces when you are actually unlocking video clips for inspiration

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Lego Friends Art Maker is a great coloring creation app for iPhone and iPad. My six-year-old has really been enjoying this app and the many creation tools available to her. There are dozens of characters to use from the sticker-style to the coloring-book style, and I really enjoy all of the stamp, roller, and pencil tools too. There is also an eraser, and there are not always erasers, so I appreciate that they included this tool. Overall, this is a well-designed app, but if you are going to appear to unlock Lego pieces, please provide a Lego piece creation area so you don’t mislead my child.

LEGO® Friends Art Maker

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