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De Stress app review: reduce stress level after a long day



Stress is one of the primary causes of most health issues such as high blood pressure. Some research studies show that it also contributes to weight gain. De Stress is a smart app created by Designit A/S to help people to relieve stress without using any medications. 

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De Stress


Enhance Your Productivity Using This Proven App

Most people live their lives without any information about their stress levels. It is of paramount importance to know your level to come up with the best ways of resolving stress. Currently, there are hundreds of medications that you can use to achieve the same goal but some have serious long term effects that will end up ruining your life.

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One of the superior highlights that give this app an upper hand in the market is that it uses visual stimuli and breathing exercises instead of medications. The exercises are founded on the fact that reducing breathing will in long run help to lower your heart rate and help you sleep better.

Currently, the app comes with five distinct preset programs and music tunes to help you relax and reconnect with your inner self. It is recommendable to try out the different groups to find one that best suits you.

The primary lesson that you will learn by using this app is how to reduce your breathing. After some time, you will enjoy the maximum benefits of being in good mental condition either at home or at work. 

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1

Best Features of De Stress

The different programs that this app offers are one of the supreme features that place it miles ahead of any form of competition. The exercises that it proposes are actually tested and proven to be capable of delivering the expected results. Scientific studies show that increase in amount of oxygen that you inhale has an immense way of improving your wellbeing and productivity without any medications.

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This review would not be complete without the mention of the clean user interface that De Stress developers have used. If you are struggling with lack of sleep, all you have to do is tap the sleep icon at the top of the interface. The power nap option can also help you to relax after lunch as you prepare for the afternoon events.

Once you get it, it is recommendable to first test your stress level to know which program to use. In addition, the test will help you to monitor your progress as you continue using it. 

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2

De Stress


Pros and Cons


  • Very effective in relieving stress without any medications
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Easy to use as each exercise has a guideline
  • Affordable
  • Optimized for iPhone and iPad


  • Breathing exercise are the main activities that this app offers but it would be better if the developer included other physical exercises so as to meet the diverse clients' needs.

Screenshot 3
Screenshot 3

Final Thoughts

De Stress is one of the best app in the market today that you can use to improve your life. It is very easy to use as all details are written in a very clear font. 

De Stress

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