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Foreign Exchange Option Calculator app review: become an expert trader



For a long time, forex exchange was viewed a business for the elite in the society. Fortunately, Syxrus, an expert app developer, has created Foreign Exchange Option Calculator app that is tailored to simplify the manner in users’ trade and increase their profit margins.  It is available on iTunes and is compatible with iPhone 6. Let's examine further to see if it's one of the best iPhone apps for forex trading.

The best forex trading apps for iPhone

Foreign Exchange Option Calculator App


Learn How to Trade in Forex Exchange Platforms Fast

To ensure that users get the utmost value for the time and money that they invest in forex exchange, the developer used the Nobel Prize winning Black Scholes Option Pricing Model. This model enables it to calculate currency value of any call or option into the foreign currency. It values are automatically generated as you move your finger over the graphs.

The best currency converter apps for iPad

It is also possible to generate values by feeding it with new input or moving the slider. In addition, you can tap the green bar to get information on the current strike prices.

The developer has also worked smart to come up with a high-resolution interface that clearly display graphs. This will greatly help you to make informed decisions every time, as you will not have to guess the values. The whole app is just 0.5MB in size and will not affect functionalism of your phone in any way. 

Special Features that Foreign Exchange Option Calculator Offers

Apart from the award winning forex pricing model, the graphic simulation that this app offers gives users a clear perspective or impact of each FX option values. This means, you will be able to gauge volatility and stability of each value. In addition, the simulation is animated by just tapping the clock button located at the bottom part of the app. Just press the same button again to stop the animation.

The best foreign exchange apps for iPhone

Research is one of the aspects that app developers have to consider when coming up with an app. The developer has compiled historical volatility of some of the leading foreign exchange platforms for up to 5 years. All the rates are clearly displayed at the lower section of the browser. Since this industry is volatile, the data is updated on a weekly basis by the expert support team. There is also a link to that will enable you to see New York Closing snapshot of exchange rates.

Special Features that Foreign Exchange Option Calculator Offers image

Foreign Exchange Option Calculator App


Pros and Cons


  • Provides very accurate forex exchange data
  • Easy to operate
  • Data is updated on weekly basis to ensure that make the right decision always
  • Excellent customer support 24/7
  • Values on values stocks are generated in real time
  • The data is backed up by leading foreign exchange platforms
  • Graphic simulation that makes it easy to understand how this trading platform works


  • The app is not compatible with android operating system
  • You need to practice how to use the app before investing your money to avoid loses

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Foreign Exchange Option Calculator is a reliable tool that you can use to make unlimited profits from various online trading platforms. The developers provide regular free updates that are designed to keep the app running perfectly. 

Foreign Exchange Option Calculator App

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