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Shifts app review: keep track of your schedule



If you're a shift worker then you know exactly how important it is to be able to keep track of your shifts in a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly way. The Shifts app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone strives to be an all-in-one solution to your needs giving you the type of calendar you need to keep track of your shifts. The developers have recognized that a traditional calendar really doesn’t help shift workers so you’ll find plenty of well-thought out tools and features here instead.

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Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar


Appealing to Shift Workers

The Shifts app is doing its best to appeal to shift workers in a big way. This brand new release is also being offered for 60 percent for a limited time only so now is the time to download it. Use this app to enter in and then view your shifts in a streamlined and user-friendly manner. The app doesn't just give you a traditional calendar and leave you to figure out how to best use it for your needs, instead it has been well-thought-out and then designed keeping the needs of shift workers front and center.

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This app has been specifically designed for iOS 8 users and isn't compatible with earlier versions. There are no in-app purchases necessary after making the initial one. The app currently has three out of five stars from customers. It seems it follows through on its promises but at the same time more functionality and personalization tools could be added.

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Enter and View All Your Shifts

The Shifts app makes entering your shifts very easy. First you can set up the type of shift and assign a icon to it. Moving forward all you have to do is tap on the type of shift to then add it to the calendar. You have the ability to add up to two shifts per day. If you have entered in upcoming shifts you'll be able to see them from your lock screen in the widget. You scheduled can always be shared with others, which is handy to send a babysitter, your significant other, co-workers, and more. Personalize the shifts even further by setting it up to reflect specific shit rotations.

A few other features worth noting is that you can view past shifts by just selecting the month or date, set up reminders for your shifts, add notes to them, make use of the overlay feature and place your iCloud calendar right on top of your Shifts schedule, enter in your wages per hour so you can get an idea of what you'll be making, and even add in your sick days and vacation time.

Enter and View All Your Shifts image

Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar


Pros and Cons


  • The app is streamlined and modern
  • Set your different types of shifts
  • Enter in your shift on your schedule by tapping on the shift type icon
  • Enter up to two shifts per day
  • View past shifts
  • Share your schedule with others


  • This is a basic approach that may not provide you with enough options

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Final Words

The Shifts app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes scheduling a breeze and couldn’t be any more user-friendly.

Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar

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