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Sworkit Pro app review: your own personal trainer for Yoga, Pilates, circuit training, and stretching



A daily workout plan is necessary if you want to live a fulfilling and healthy life. Nexercise has come with a smart app that will help you workout from home without necessarily hiring a trainer of being a member of your local gym. Sworkit Pro is an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app that is fully compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. It has helped thousands of people from all across the globe to revitalize their lives through various physical exercises. 

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Sworkit Pro - Custom Workout "Exercise Playlist" App for Body Area Workouts from Abs to Legs


Start Working Out Today From Home

If you have a busy schedule, it is very difficult to go to the gym on a daily basis. No need to worry though as this app can help you to work out from home by providing you with great physical exercise ideas. One of the main advantages of using this app is that it is compatible with new and experienced trainers as the workouts can be done in between training sessions.

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 To meet the diverse clients’ needs, users can come up with their own workout exercises. That is, if you love cardio exercise, it is possible to come up with your own routine and still enjoy the full benefits from it. More importantly, it offers comprehensive videos to guide you hence you do not have to hire a personal trainer. The app can be used from anywhere in the world as it does not require any Internet connection.

Best Sworkit Features

In a bid to show appreciation for an ever-growing number of users who rely on this app every day, U.S. clients get extra reward points every time they run the app. The amount of time that you spend on each exercise can be adjusted to suit your current physical fitness hence you do not have to strain your body too much.

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There are hundreds of different exercises; hence you do not have to stick to one boring workout. In fact, it is recommendable to try out different exercises in the course of the week to uncover your body’s hidden potential. The exercises are scientifically proven hence you can rest assured that they will not harm your body in any way. 

Sworkit Pro - Custom Workout "Exercise Playlist" App for Body Area Workouts from Abs to Legs


Pros and Cons


  • Step by step videos to guide your though each exercise
  • All the exercises are safe for all users
  • Can be used from anywhere in the world


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

Sworkit is an amazing app that you can use to keep fit from the comfort of your home or office at any time of the day. It is very affordable and user-friendly so no prior experience is required.


Sworkit Pro - Custom Workout "Exercise Playlist" App for Body Area Workouts from Abs to Legs

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