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Blinkist app review: key insights from non-fiction book bestsellers 2021



Blinkist - key insights from non-fiction book bestsellers is an iPhone and iPad books app that provides many interests to read short excerpts.

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There’s a great variety of topics to choose from to taper down the books to your own specific interests, and this iPhone books app allows you to create an account or link to your Facebook.

Check out our Blinkist app review for more details about this good books app for iPhone and iPad book lovers.

Blinkist - Nonfiction Book Notes in Audio & Text


Learn in Five Minute Sessions

Blinkist breaks down the most recent publications into five minute summaries give or take. There are books providing nutrition, mental health, business success, wealth, and many more. I clicked off a few of my interests, and the app pulled up a book on the New Rich right away.

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This is exactly what I’m interested in. Not to become rich, but to live more simply so that I have more time to enjoy my life. I’m presently obsessed with financing a Tiny House so that I can achieve this goal, and the excerpt helped to explain how to continue on this path.

When you open up the app’s selections, you are presented with a video, summary, and then the few pages of excerpt. The app is laid out simply enough, and I appreciate that the main reading screens are presented in a book manner rather than a fancy frilly lay out. It's simple black on white, and easy-to-read-size, too.

Learn in Five Minute Sessions image

Jump to Insights

Blinkist has a great menu system too. If I’m going to regularly use an app, I need to be able to navigate it easily. On the left side bar, there is a search, discover, library, my highlights, and settings. In library, you will find the specific selections that are based on your preferences. There are currently eight in mine, and I can see the unread number in a green circle.

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Each of the selections have a time range, and the one on the New Rich, The 4-Hour Workweek, is 19 minutes. The cover has the video, as mentioned above, and then the side scrolling takes you to additional menu options.

There is an audio clip, share button, and text size assistant. There is also an additional menu that allows you to skip from page to page rather than having to side slide back and forth.

Jump to Insights image

Blinkist - Nonfiction Book Notes in Audio & Text


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Well- organized
  • Personalized from your interest selection
  • Easy to navigate
  • Gets right to the point of your interests such as my minimalist desires


  • Free trial expires rather than just reducing

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Blinkist - key insights from non-fiction book bestsellers is an iPhone and iPad reading app that allows the user to read text of interest in summary form. It gives you specific selections from the interests you enter, and it does a great job of this.

Of the eight texts given to me, I was interested in each, and appreciated that the selection was so precise. It’s well organized, and easy to navigate, as well as having built-in text size adjustment for easier reading. Overall, it's a great literature app.

Blinkist - Nonfiction Book Notes in Audio & Text

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