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Inventioneers app review: learn beginner physics with cause and effect, angle of reflection, and more



Inventioneers is an iPhone and iPad is a building game in which you must put the pieces of the invention together to complete a sequence. Initially you must get the little critter with the leaf blower to blow a cat out of a tree, and then you progress to knock a scuba diver into a tub.

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Problem Solving

Inventioneers helps kids learn to problem solve. They’re given a specific set of pieces, and have to solve the puzzle. Initially, you’re given one block of cheese to help direct the apple to Windy, and then you get more and more pieces to solve the puzzle. From cheese, to funnels, elastic bands, ropes, and more. Kids get to solve the problem to move the cat from the tree, or the scuba diver to the tub.

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Honestly, I find it a bit disturbing how the cat and scuba diver fly through the air. The cat is just poofed out of the tree into the cat bed no matter how far, or how high, it flies over to the cat bed like a stuffed animal being tossed out of a window. The scuba diver is similarly tossed, and makes a rubber ducky squeak noise upon landing.

Level selection
Level selection

Learn Physics

Inventioneers helps kids understand basic physics. The learn cause and effect, angles of reflection, and more. When the apple falls and bounces off the spring, if it goes to the wrong part the level fails and you hit reset.

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I appreciate that there is a play and stop button so that the kids can see how the items move before they place the pieces too. It’s not always easy, but when kids can see the start move, they can start to digest the middle and end into solvable bites. For example, the apple needs to hit the spring and land in the funnel to go to the pipes to get Windy to blow the cat from the tree. Initially, all they see is the apple fall, but then they realize with the angle of reflection they can set the funnel to direct it further down the line. Your child can also hit the reset button as many times as it takes to figure out the level, adjust the pieces and so on.

Solving a level
Solving a level



Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Create option
  • Reset as many times as you need
  • Starts with one piece and progresses to several
  • Teaches physics, angles of reflection, and cause and effect
  • 12 free levels


  • None found

How to use elastics
How to use elastics

Final Thoughts

Inventioneers is an iPhone and iPad game that helps kids learn basic physics such as angles of reflection and cause and effect. They learn pulleys and gears, and rope swings, and it’s just plain fun to learn this way. I had a similar game when I was a kid, and have been looking for a game for my kids that would inspire similar desire to invent, create, and solve. This is a great game, and my kids have started to enjoy it just as I used to.



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