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SmartContact for iPhone app review: the smart contact manager to boost your productivity



SmartContact for iPhone is a full-featured contact manager packed with several advanced features that can help boost your productivity. It integrates native iPhone contacts with your social network contacts and creates a streamlined platform for more efficient communication. Developed by Pradeep Deshmukh for the iPhone, the app is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch. It is optimized for iPhones 5, 6, and 6 Plus.

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SmartContact for iPhone : Contacts Manager And Personal Info Manager With Advance Features


Quick and Easy Way to Find Your Contacts

In a world where connection is a valuable asset, keeping tabs with your professional and personal contacts is very important. So it is normal for you to have hundreds of people in your smartphone’s address book. But contact management can become a lot trickier if you add your social network connections.

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You probably have at least a thousand friends on Facebook and an equal number of followers on Twitter. Then, add your LinkedIn connections plus Gmail address book and you will surely have a huge list of people in your contact list. Organizing all of them into a meaningful and navigable list can overwhelm even the most advanced smartphone user.

Thanks to SmartContact for iPhone, you now have an app that will do contact management for you. This application hooks your native iPhone address book with different web mails and social media communication channels. It syncs and organizes all your contacts across various channels so you can easily find people whenever you want.

Best Features of SmartContact for iPhone

The core feature of this application is its smart contact management tool. It automatically syncs your iPhone’s address book with your social network and web mail address books. The app allows you to organize your list into different groups for a more streamlined contact management.

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Additionally, SmartContact for iPhone has a nifty feature called Quick Info. You can use it to add more information to your contacts such as full name, addresses, emails, company details, phone numbers, and date of birth.

One of the most useful features of SmartContact is its built-in search engine. This search tool allows you to quickly search your contacts by name, company, email ID, and address. You can also use advanced look-up parameters and conditions to further hasten your search.

The app allows you to group your contacts into different custom categories. You can customize the group’s name, add and delete a contact from a group, and send mass SMS or email in just one click. You can also communicate with your social network groups from the app by sending tweets and private messages.

The extra features of SmartContact include voice recording, a built-in document reader, visual contact display, back-up function, note taking, and support for Vcard.

SmartContact for iPhone : Contacts Manager And Personal Info Manager With Advance Features


Pros and Cons


  • Syncs contacts across different networks
  • Quick Info manager
  • Supports group messaging
  • Powerful search engine
  • Lots of extra productivity features


  • Some webmail providers are not supported

Final Words

Organizing your contacts into one meaningful list can be very difficult. This is particularly true if you have thousands of contacts across different address books and communication channels. To make things simpler, you should use SmartContact for iPhone. This is one of the most powerful contact management tools for iPhone that will keep your address book organized and systematic.


SmartContact for iPhone : Contacts Manager And Personal Info Manager With Advance Features

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