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The Catcher app review: catch all kinds of items



Here's an opportunity to get your hands on all kinds of cool items by catching them yourself. The Catcher app can be played on your iPad and is a land and sea journey. Along the way you will be catching all kinds of items such as priceless diamonds, gold, beautiful jewels, and rare dragon and chicken eggs. Your catching basket will be the most important tool in this game as you work your way through. Don't worry: you won't be clearing this one anytime soon as it features endless gameplay.

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The Catcher - Catch'em All


A Keen Eye for Detail

Launch the adventure and launch the fun with The Catcher app that takes place over land and sea. You get to choose between eight very unique and fun characters which are the Dragon Hunter, the beauty queen, Golem, a pirate, a marine, a navy chief, and more. No matter whom you choose there will be four worlds that you will need to explore to their fullest as you look for the different items. All of the levels vary in difficulty so you are kept on your toes at all times. As mentioned there is endless gameplay so it's really up to you how long you want to play the game.

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The app has just been updated with some overall performance enhancements and the game size has been optimized. The app has a perfect five star rating from players who clearly are blown away and entertained by this offering. The app is free to download and there are no in-app purchases necessary.

Get ready for a serious challenge
Get ready for a serious challenge

Plenty of Surprises

There are tons of surprises to discover along the way in The Catcher app, these include such things as being able to take advantage of multipliers that can offer two, four, eight, and even 16 times the points. This is done by bouncing the items you find at the edge of your helpful basket. Just be sure as you catch all your items that you are careful not to catch a bomb and blow your progress away. Be sure to also collect coins and stars through the different environments.

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The game controls couldn't be easier since it uses tilt functionality, making it ideal for adults and kids. When you get a particularly high score be sure to share it through Game Center, Twitter, and Facebook. While this game is all about fun the graphics are no laughing matter as they are incredibly impressive, vivid, and highly detailed.

Choose your character
Choose your character

The Catcher - Catch'em All


Pros and Cons


  • The app features a variety of worlds with all kinds of cool environments
  • The worlds all have varying levels of difficulty
  • The app uses tilt functionality which is smooth and responsive
  • The gameplay is endless so you can play as long as you want
  • The graphics are vivid, highly detailed, and very impressive


  • This app is only available on the iPad

Share your score
Share your score

Final Words

The Catcher app for your iPad provides you with endless hours of fun and challenge as you make your way through all the beautiful and intriguing worlds the game has to offer.

The Catcher - Catch'em All

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