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Springling Swipe app review: gather up the gems



Gems are beautiful to look at but instead of just looking at them how about using them in an engaging and immersive game? The Springling Swipe app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives players a chance to gobble up the colorful gems one by one.  Each color gem is worth a different amount of points but be careful because if you get a red one the game is over for you. This one offers a real challenge that is fun for all ages.

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Springling Swipe


Every Gem Has its Value

Just like in real life every gem in the Springling Swipe app has its own value. Blue gems will remove on red gem, green gems are worth one point, yellow gems are worth three points, and if you collect three red gems the game is over for you. Your goal is to set up a barrier that will destroy the gems by popping them and keep the adorable main character of Springling bouncing and happy. To set up this barrier you simply swipe on the screen. One thing to note is that if Springling happens to be swiped right off the screen just look to the bottom corner and he'll show up again there.

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The app is free to use and has just recently been updated with iPad screenshots, there is now a rate button, and there was a minor bug fix to ensure smooth gameplay. The app doesn't yet have a customer rating but the customer comments are very complimentary.

Destroy the gems and keep bouncing
Destroy the gems and keep bouncing

Jump Into Springling’s World

If you’re looking for an entertaining, bright, and casual game the Springling Swipe app is the one for you. The moment you launch this app you’ll notice its cheerful user interface and cute character. There really aren’t any instructions needed other than the legend of what each of the colors gets you. The amount of red gems you’ve popped are on the bottom right hand side of the screen and you’ll find the controls are responsive and smooth. The music adds to the fun and the graphics are equally as cute.

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The one negative here is the fact it’s supported by ads which do take up quite a bit of space on the screen. The game definitely takes some practice in order to start mastering your skills so the more you play the better you’ll get.

The game takes plenty of practice
The game takes plenty of practice

Springling Swipe


Pros and Cons


  • The graphics and sounds are bright, cheerful, and cute
  • The game controls are smooth and responsive
  • The app can be played by kids and adults
  • The more you play the better you’ll get at this game


  • The app is supported by ads that appear as a large banner on the top of the screen
  • There are really no added tools or features

Final Words

The Springling Swipe app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone acts as a fun and cute casual game that is simple to understand, but challenging to play.

Springling Swipe

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