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Learn to Read Level 1 app review: a brilliant way to teach kids how to read



Learning how to read new words aloud is not always a walk in the park for kids. In a bid to solve this problem, Cherie Andrews has developed Learn to Read Level 1 application that can help kids to achieve this objective using fun and interactive interface. Since its release, it has elicited mixed reactions from users but the many positive reviews online is clear proof that it delivers on its promises.

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Learn To Read Level 1


How to Use Learn to Read Level 1 App

First, it is important to note that this app has five vibrant and easy to understand stories that are combined in one. The stories are written using very simple language to meet the diverse users’ needs and preferences.

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All children have to do is tab or click the words for the app to produce an audio. This makes it a perfect choice for parents who have a busy schedule and limited time to spend with their kids. As they do so, they will discover numerous multi-modal literacies that will increase their knowledge base. To ensure that the kids enjoy the entire experience, the stories are narrated using vibrant, adventurous, and interactive words making it the best education app in the world today.

More importantly, it contains some of the common English sight words that are handpicked from various global school curriculums. 

Best Features That Learn to Read Level 1 Offers

To add elegance and excitement to the whole learning process, the developer has come up with a number of Pompom Monsters that have been used by primary children to ease the learning process. Some of the words used by users to describe these characters include cute, adventurous, and cheeky. This will significantly help to encourage your kids to use the app repeatedly without losing enthusiasm.

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Each page has a hidden character and animation pictures that is related in one way or another with the words or story. This will help your kid to develop a vivid mental image that will help them remember how to recite the words later on. More importantly, it has an interactive text containing Australian English dialect. The images are of high quality hence it is very easy for one to read the words and relate it to the image attached.

In addition, the images are different hence, you can be sure that your kids will not get bored at some point. 

Learn To Read Level 1


Pros and Cons


  • High quality audio that accurately describe the words
  • Excellent Pompon Monsters that makes the learning process fun and fruitful
  • Compatible with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone
  • Great interface that is user friendly
  • High definition images of the characters in each scene


  • It is not possible to delete or input new words
  • English is the only language that is supported

Final Words

Learn to Read Level 1 is an excellent app that will definitely help your child to learn how to read common English words at a tender age. The high audio attached to each story will surely make the learning process fun and exciting.


Learn To Read Level 1

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