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Mileage Log+ app review: get real time information on mileage



One of the surest ways of benefiting fully from tax deductions every year is by tracking mileage. Contrast, a renowned developer has come up with Mileage Log+ app, an auto related smart app that is programmed to generate real time information on the number of miles that you cover the whole year. Since its release into the market, it has helped hundreds if not thousands of drivers to enjoy great tax reimbursements. 

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Mileage Log+ - Mile Tracker & Trip Log For Tax Deduction & Expense Reimbursement


Get Accurate Information on Your Auto Mileage

Tracking mileage can be an uphill task if you do not know how to do it right. Mileage Log+ is a third generation app that you can use to get accurate information on the miles that you cover throughout the year. The main benefits of using this app is that it does all the hard work for you hence you do not have to write down miles covered on a paper everything you drive out of your garage.

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To maintain high accuracy standards, it has an auto calculation and auto entry features that automatically records the data required in real time. More importantly, you will get quick access to frequent trips. You can also use this app to retrieve all the generate email reports without seeking the services of a professional data analyst. 

Best Features of Mileage Log+ that you should know

Mileage Log+ is designed with IRS compliance in mind to cushion users from any penalties. To save you time and money that would have been spent analyzing the information, its email reports are excel compatible and can be generated as CV attachment or PDF. In addition, you can synchronize and back up the reports in Dropbox.

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Sometimes, looking for information on each trip covered can be a tricky affair especially if you have no data analyzing skills. The developer understands this fact too well and has incorporated a search feature easily sort, filter, and even search for trips in less than two minutes.

Most of the people who have tried this app love the smart data entry shortcuts and predictive text fields that make it easy to input and retrieve data in minutes. In addition, this app has several customizable categories that you can use to group different trips. 

Mileage Log+ - Mile Tracker & Trip Log For Tax Deduction & Expense Reimbursement


Pros and Cons


  • Fully compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Accurate data entry and retrieval features
  • Can be used to track mileage covered by virtually any car model
  • Very user friendly
  • Interactive maps to ensure that you never get lost while driving in a new city
  • Ability to know the total amount of time spent driving in each trip


  • Nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

Mileage Log+ is a great application that you can use to enjoy tax deduction every year without paying any recurring monthly fees. One of the highlights that give this app an upper hand is the high-resolution map images that make it easy for user to know their specific location. Start tracking your car’s mileage using this smart and technologically advanced iTunes app. 

Mileage Log+ - Mile Tracker & Trip Log For Tax Deduction & Expense Reimbursement

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