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Phonics Island app review: early reading, spelling, and more



Parents need to teach their kids how to read at any early age to hone their academic capability. 22learn, LLC has developed an amazing app, Phonics Island app that is tailored to equip kids with reading and spelling skills at an early age. The developer is well known for coming up with the best educational applications for children. It is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone 5, and English is the default language.

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Phonics Island • Letter Sounds


Best Way to Prepare your Kids to Read

This parent’s choice award winning application has helped thousands of parents from guardians to train their kids how to read at an early age. One of the key attributes that give Phonics Island an upper hand in the market is that it is developed in conjunction with educational specialists from all across the globe. The specialists test the app and propose new inclusions that can make it smarter and ideal for all children.

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Unlike other app that uses boring and conventional graphics, this one uses mysterious and colorful island graphics that will grasp the attention and concentration of your child for hours. By using the simple graphics, your kid will learn a new way of tracing letters, accurately identifying beginning sounds, recognizing letter sounds and matching letters.

New users who are just being acquainted to using this app can choose to go for a wild adventure through the island with Abby the Monkey. This character will help them to uncover some of the best-kept secrets of this island.

Amazing Features that Phonics Island Offers

One of the attributes that give Phonics an upper hand in the market is that it does not shows one type of letters. That is, your kid will learn how to trace uppercase and lowercase letters, in a fun and exciting way. Currently, it has 90 different animal pictures that are strategically posted in colorful sceneroes. In fact, they might not even note that the animals are not real because of the authentic animal sounds and phonetic sounds that they produce.

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In addition, the app has 21 well-crafted and illustrated scenerios that will teach your kid all they need to know about letters. By using Montessori methodology, the developer has managed to incorporate seven different alphabetic phonetic sectors and a number of fun mini-games that they can play during breaks.

It is also prudent to appreciate the friendly and encouraging environment that this app offers to users in a bid to keep them thrilled and entertained even as they learn.

Phonics Island • Letter Sounds


Pros and Cons


  • High quality audio done by professional voice-over actress
  • High definition animal images in each scene
  • Comprehensive learning experience
  • Ability to equip children with skills required to identify different types of animals
  • Regular updates to keep the app running smoothly


  • The app only covers Kindergarten and Preschool curriculum

Final Thoughts

Phonics Island is an amazing app that will help your kid to develop reading skills at an early age. It is very easy to use and compatible with iPhone and iPad.


Phonics Island • Letter Sounds

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