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Cross-country Skiing Technique app review: your personal trainer to master the art of cross-country skiing



Cross-country Skiing Technique is a pioneering application that contains comprehensive technical training lessons on cross-country skiing. This app shows in real time the proper techniques that must be learned by skiers engaged in competitive or recreational skiing. It is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch ,and requires iOS 5.1 or later.

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Cross-country skiing technique


High-Quality Training in Your Hands

Cross-country Skiing Technique is the ideal training and study material for professional skiers, coaches, and rookies. It is the first application in the world that offers high quality illustrative lessons on cross-country skiing. The lessons are packaged in real time videos with step by step instructions. Illustrations of each technique are presented in slow motion to help users understand the proper forms and movements required for cross-country skiing.

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This application was developed in coordination with the Swiss National Team. Topnotch Swiss skiers will give you incredible insights into the modern techniques of the sport. If you are a beginner in cross-country skiing, this app will teach you the basics of the sport. For professional athletes, serious enthusiasts, and coaches, it is the perfect companion material to enhance their knowledge on the different techniques of competitive cross-country skiing.

Best Features of Cross-country Skiing Technique

The application offers high-definition training videos. Members of the Swiss National Team are featured in the videos and they perform the routines in real time. Videos in slow motion are also available to give you a much better perspective on how to perform each technique in precise order. The training videos are downloaded to your device when you install the app. This means you can play the videos even if you are not connected to the Internet.

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Apart from the videos, Cross-country skiing Technique offers still images illustrating the proper form and execution of different techniques. The still images are complemented with text instructions to make the lessons easier to understand. There are also visual aids embedded in the videos and images that show the proper body alignment when executing a particular technique.

This app covers everything you will need to know to grasp the intricate movements and forms of cross-country skiing. It offers basic ski lesson for beginners and rookies. It also provides clear instructions about the different classic forms such as the diagonal stride, double poling, herringbone, and changing track to name just a few.

For professional skiers and coaches, the application offers advanced trainings and lessons on complex skating forms, downhill techniques, and performance skiing.

Cross-country Skiing Technique offers an easy to use interface. The arrangement of the videos is similar to the familiar layout of YouTube for mobile. 

Cross-country skiing technique


Pros and Cons


  • High quality video trainings
  • Slow motion
  • Text instructions included
  • Still images and graphical illustrations are available
  • Easy to use with simple layout
  • Lessons are performed by professional Swiss athletes.\
  • Works offline


  • Some videos do not have audio

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a portable training module for cross-country skiing, then this application is perfect for you. Cross-country Skiing Technique offers comprehensive lessons about the sport. It delivers the lessons in high definition videos and still images with text instructions and visual aids.



Cross-country skiing technique

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