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Draw Free for iPad app review: unleash your creativity 2021



Draw Free for iPad is an ideal drawing app for both children and adults. This free drawing app offers professional painting tools, themed backgrounds, and interactive stickers to help you create stunning works of art which you can proudly share to your friends.

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Developed by David Porter Apps, Draw Free works with all models of iPad. It's not your typical learn to drawp app or how to draw app, but you will definitely become a better drawer with this tool.

Draw Free for iPad


Create Your Masterpieces with Draw Free for iPad

Draw Free for iPad makes it possible for everyone to become little Picassos and Michelangelos. This free application offers an impressive set of painting tools to help you create a collection of little masterpieces. It is easy to use, simple, and more focused on delivering a creativity platform for users.

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Draw Free for iPad can be used as a fun application for small children who want to play with different colors. It is ideal for those who are beginning to learn the art of drawing.

This application also has advanced features that can be enjoyed by adults, artists, and visual designers. Its range of drawing tools will enable users to create fine art and digital paintings.

There are added features that allow you to use existing photos as your canvas. You can also enhance and add visual elements to your photos with Draw Free for iPad.

Create Your Masterpieces with Draw Free for iPad image


Draw Free for iPad offers a variety of artistic tools that include a pencil, paint brush, crayons, and paint buckets. The sizes and styles of these tools are customizable which allows you create any type of drawing you want.

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Included in the application is a complete set of primary and secondary color palettes. Simply pick any color you want to use to make your drawings more attractive.

You can also create your own set of palettes by using the app’s color picker option. This feature is very useful for those who need more complex color combinations for their paintings.

One of the best features offered by Draw Free for iPad is its stack of artistic stickers with sounds. When you use a sticker for your work of art, you will be able to create a more interactive image that comes alive with lively colors and pleasing sounds.

You can use the audio-supported stickers as instructional tools for children to introduce them to the sounds of different objects.

And lastly, Draw Free for iPad allows you to save your works of art in the photo gallery. You can then share your photos via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. The app supports a printing option so you can have paper copies of your creations.

Features   image

Draw Free for iPad


Pros and Cons


  • Simple interface and easy to use
  • Variety of artistic tools
  • Color picker to create personal palettes
  • Stickers with audio
  • Different background options
  • Allows import of photos from gallery
  • Supports local printing
  • Social sharing tools
  • Allows save and edit
  • Unlimited undo and erasers


  • The developer should add more stickers

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Draw Free for iPad is both an educational tool and a professional paint program. It can be used by adults and children for creating works of art. This app offers exciting features that allow you to create and share stunning paintings.

Draw Free for iPad

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