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Bike Gear Calculator app review: helping you determine the right gears for smoother ride



Hardcore cyclists and bike mechanics will surely love Bike Gear Calculator. Created by MatixSoft for the iPhone, this application helps you determine if you have the right gears for your bike. It is a fully customizable calculator that allows you to see all the facts about your bike so you can have a good ride. This app is also compatible with the iPad and iPod Touch.

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Bike Gear Calculator - Bike Gears, Cycling Gear Calculator, Bicycle Gear Calculator


Why Bother with a Bike Gear Calculator?

Gears are very important to achieve a smoother bike ride. Unfortunately, most people often overlook the crucial role of correct gearing. You are probably aware of frame weight, lubricating the chain, the saddle height, and stem length. All these are equally important for achieving a good ride.

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You need to take note, however, that all your effort at customization will be wasted if you don’t have the proper gear. If the gearing is too high or if it is giving you hard a time shifting between gears, then your hard work to build the best bike will be negated.

That is why it is important to have your own handy Bike Gear Calculator. This application gives you the exact specs about your bike and your gear to improve performance during your ride in any terrain. It is a technical tool specifically designed for serious cyclists. It gives a deeper insight about your bike’s specs so you can achieve your cycling goals.

The Features of Bike Gear Calculator

As a calculator, this application is designed to be simple and straightforward. Data and measurements as well as the app tools are shown on the main screen. Individual functions such as the gear comparison tool, data chart, and settings can be found at the bottom of the screen. Simply select an icon to get to section you need.

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Bike Gear Calculator allows you to customize the measurements in the display panel to fit the specs of your bike. You can set specific measurements for cadence, crank length, and tire size to allow the app to calculate the right gear ratio, speed, gains, and pedal rotations.

The app allows you to create multiple charts to display gear measurements, ratios, development, and pedal rotations. You can edit your data, add more parameters, or delete any item in the chart. The best part is you can share your calculations to your friends and biking buddies to get their inputs or feedback.

Bike Gear Calculator offers distance and speed calculator to help you determine the optimum ride that you can get from your gear. This feature is useful for planning your trips especially if you are expecting longer rides.

Bike Gear Calculator - Bike Gears, Cycling Gear Calculator, Bicycle Gear Calculator


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Professional design.
  • Allows multiple data input to match bike specs.
  • With customization option.
  • With speed and distance calculator.
  • You can create and edit charts.


  • Too technical for casual bikers.

Final Thoughts

Cyclists always strive to have the smoothest and safest ride for their road trips. With Bike Gear Calculator, you will be able to fully understand the technical aspects of your bike. This app helps you determine what gear would be perfect for your bike.


Bike Gear Calculator - Bike Gears, Cycling Gear Calculator, Bicycle Gear Calculator

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