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iGarden USA app review: get gardening tips on your finger tips 2021



Gardening is not one of the easiest tasks that you can carry out in your landscape. That is not to mean though that there are no benefits that you can derive from having your own garden.

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iGarden USA iPhone gardening app developed by NanoSoft, LLC is an amazing gardening app that is designed to make the gardening process easy and convenient for homeowners.

Keep reading our iGarden USA app review to learn more about the functions and features of this good gardening app for iPhone and iPad gardeners. 

iGarden USA - Gardening Helper


Get Accurate Gardening Tips on Your iPhone or iPad

iGarden USA is the ultimate source of accurate information on how to take good care of your garden without necessarily hiring a professional gardener. One of the major benefits of using this app is that it allows users to add their own custom seed information as well as photos to help other users make informed decisions.

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The developer has worked smart to compile a full list of plants that are compatible with certain states here in the USA. For instance, if you live in Florida, the app will give you a comprehensive list of plants that you can plant and those that are not compatible with the local weather and soil conditions.

To ensure that you make informed decisions always, the app has a collection of high quality pictures of various plants such as carrots and kales. You just have to click on the photo to get clear details about how to plant to get utmost harvest at the end of the season.

No need to worry about how to navigate the app as it has a user-friendly app that works perfectly in all screen resolutions.

Get Accurate Gardening Tips on Your iPhone or iPad image

Best Features of iGarden USA App

One of the major features that makes this app the best is the weather forecast page that gives detailed information about projected weather conditions in different parts of USA. You just have to search for your region to get specific details without having to open a single website.

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In addition, it has weather alerts and zone selector that you can use to ensure that you get information that is specific to one or two regions.

It is very easy to forget when you last planted especially if you have a busy schedule, the developer understands this fact and has incorporated a feature that allows users to track the specific date that they planted as well as the estimated remaining time before harvest. You can also set a specific date in the future to plant and it will notify you before the due date.

This review would not be complete without the mention of integrated Wiki that provides you with regular updates on various vegetables, fruits, and herbs. For instance, you will get access to tips on how to control common pests without affecting your plants or fertility of your garden.

Best Features of iGarden USA App image

iGarden USA - Gardening Helper


Pros & Cons


  • You can add your own custom seed information with photos
  • Ability to edit default-planting instructions to suit your needs
  • Integrated weather statistics and alerts


  • Relies heavily on Internet, especially when sourcing for updates

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

iGarden USA is a pro-gardening app that you can use to derive maximum utility from your garden. It is very easy to use and provides accurate data each time. 

iGarden USA - Gardening Helper

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